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TaylorMade Spider Tour 20 Black Double Bend Putter

TaylorMade Spider Tour 20 Black Double Bend Putter

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The Curated Take

The TaylorMade Spider Tour is a high-performance putter that offers a number of benefits for golfers. One of the key features of the putter is its unique shape, which is designed to improve stability and increase accuracy on the green. The Spider Tour also has a heavy head weight, which helps to promote a smooth and consistent stroke. Additionally, the putter has a milled face and grooves, which provide a precise and consistent roll off the clubface.

Another benefit of the Spider Tour is its adjustability. The putter allows golfers to fine-tune the weighting and balance of the club to suit their individual preferences. This can be done by using the included weights, which can be placed in different locations on the putter to adjust the overall weight and balance.

The Spider Tour also features a high-quality shaft, which is designed to provide optimal stiffness and stability. This helps to promote a smooth and consistent swing, which is essential for making accurate putts.

Finally, the putter has a sleek and stylish design, which many golfers find appealing. The Spider Tour is available in a variety of colors and finishes, which allows golfers to choose a look that suits their personal style.

Overall, the TaylorMade Spider Tour is a high-technology putter that offers the benefits to golfers, including improved stability and accuracy, adjustability, high-quality shaft and sleek design. If you are looking for a putter that can help you to improve your putting game, the Spider Tour is definitely worth considering.

Golf Expert Jackson LyonGolf Expert Ari T
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Overall ratings
(4.8/5) 3 Expert reviews
  • Unique Shape
  • Increased stroke stability for a smooth swing.
  • Pure Roll insert creates an amazing feel off the club face.
  • Large club head.
  • Would not recommend if looking at traditional styles.
  • Needed to regrip after first use.
Golf Expert Jackson LyonGolf Expert Ari T
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

The TaylorMade Spider Tour 20 Black Double Bend Putter is a mallet shaped putter with a face balanced design ideal for players who prefer a mechanical staight back and through putting path. Engineered with a single sightline alignment, a double bend shaft to further accentuate that stroke type, in a highly stable construction. Key Features:

  • Pure Roll Insert – Increasing topspin with this face insert improves forward roll for improved distance control.
  • PU Foam – Embedded in the body and frame of the putter, this PU foam dampens vibrations for a preferred sound and feel.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Frame – Constructed with a lightweight 6061 Aluminum core paired with a heavy steel frame for enhanced stability delivering a squared face at impact.
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Expert Reviews
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Jackson Lyon
Jackson Lyon
Golf Expert
1,772 customers helped
Jackson Lyon tested this product

This is the best product on the market for players with straight back-straight-through strokes, who are looking for balance and alignment. With the help of the long alignment line, and unreal balance of this putter, I've found if the putt is lined up, read correctly, and the greens run true, the putts go in. This putter makes it SO hard to pull/push putts! If you're looking for a heavier, face-balanced putter, don't settle, go with the TaylorMade Spider Tour 20 Black Double Bend Putter!

  • awesome balance
  • amazing alignment
  • unreal grip
  • face balanced, so only for SB-ST strokes
  • velcro cover should be magnet
  • open slots for dirt to get trapped
Ari T
Ari T
Golf Expert
6,594 customers helped
Ari T owns this product

The Taylormade Spider putter is one of the easiest to use putters on the market. It just gets the ball into the hole with ease. This one is face balanced and best for someone with a straight back, straight through stroke. It is very forgiving and has great feel off the face. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a mallet shape.

  • Very forgiving
  • Very easy to align
  • Great for someone with straight back stroke
  • Not good for someone who likes a blade
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
What is the difference between TaylorMade Spider putters?
Tayloremade Realses newer modles every year of their keymark spider putters. They like to lable them such as number 3 and number 5 and ext. The main differnt is the where the next is bent or whree the shaft meets the putter. The differnt next bends help all typeds od putter strokes. The standard 1/4 bend is the best for all around putting where the double bend is more for a arch stroke. In the end of the day all the spirders are mallet style putters and it really depends what you feel best standing over before the stroke.
Golf Expert Tom AGolf Expert Allison EnchelmayerGolf Expert David L. Brown
by Tom A on August 4, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Do pros use double bend putters?
While some continue to utilize the more conventional single bend design, the majority of professional players use double bend putters. In the end, it boils down to personal choice and what each golfer finds most comfortable. Every player will ultimately use whichever feels most comfortable, but the double bend seems to be very popular.
Golf Expert Nick sinclairGolf Expert Gavin LeeGolf Expert Allison Enchelmayer
by Nick sinclair on July 29, 2022 · view 2 other answers
TaylorMade Spider Tour 20 Black Double Bend Putter
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