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Giro Article Goggles

Giro Article Goggles

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Product details

The Giro Article goggle is most notably defined by the sleek curvature and high–end optical lenses. This goggle is a great fit for those looking for an all–day, everyday kind of goggle. The spherical lenses provide the most accurate vision, as they match the natural curvature of a human eye, and the Toric Vivid Lens Series boosts details in the snow providing enhanced terrain recognition. The frames allow for easy lens changes, pads the face with triple–layered face foam, are over–the–glasses (OTG) compatible, and removes moisture build–up with their Evak Vent Technology.

Key Features:

  • Spherical Lens – The lens is curved to fit the natural shape of the human–eye, providing minimal, peripheral distortion.
  • Detail Enhancing Lens – These lenses boost details in the snow, offering a precise view of each bump coming up.
  • Interchangeable Lenses – Easily swap out lenses when weather conditions change, a pair needs replacing, or to change up style.
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Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
How do I change the lenses on my Giro goggles?
Depending on the type of Giro goggles, more than likely the goggles utilize the Quick Change Lens System. This lens swap system uses magnets that run around the inside of the goggle frame to hold the lenses in place. If you place your fingers on either side of the goggle and peel away the lens, that will be the easiest way to remove them and putting in a new lens you can just line up the lens to the frame and the magnets will do the rest of the work.
Ethan Rudyk
by Ethan Rudyk on July 12, 2022
Is Giro a good brand for goggles?
Giro brand goggles have an abundance of different options all reasonably priced too. Most Giro snow goggles come equipped with high performance VIVID lenses by Zeiss, Expansion View Technology for greater field of view and EVAK vents to eliminate any fogging for clearer vision. Some of the snow goggles also come magnetic lens changing, ideal for when the weather changes at the blink of an eye.
Snowboard Expert Ethan RudykSki Expert Rob G.
by Ethan Rudyk on July 12, 2022 · view 1 other answer
Do all goggles fit all helmets?
Almost every goggle will fit almost every all-mountain helmet. Many helmet and goggle manufacturers emphasize the integration between their specific lines of helmets and their specific lines of goggles. And skiers have long dreaded the "gaper gap" between the top of their goggle and the bottom of their helmets. But, that's more an issue of helmet fit and position than one of goggle compatibility. Outside of special helmets that come with their own visors, or hard-eared racing helmets (which might have fit issues with oversize goggles), you can confidently pair just about any goggle with any all-mountain (soft-eared) helmet.
Ski Expert Rob G.Snowboard Expert Ethan RudykSki Expert Rhett Dalton
by Rob G. on July 6, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Giro Article Goggles
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Sarah Caldwell
Sarah Caldwell
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Evak vent technology lets moisture out to prevent fogging. OTG compatible design and micro-fleece, triple-layer face foam to ensure comfort no matter the conditions.