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Nordica Enforcer 94 Skis · 2021

Nordica Enforcer 94 Skis · 2021

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Product details

Returning this year 1mm wider than before, this is a heavier and more powerful ski that is built for the East Coast. Carves like a frontside ski, but is very maneuverable off trail.

Key Features:

  • 93mm Underfoot – The 90-100mm width range is very versatile. Skis in this range are narrow enough to make the ski maneuverable on hardpack, but wide enough to be able to ski powder reasonably well.
  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile – This ski has rocker in the tip and tail, meaning that it will have some float in powder and be easy to turn.
  • Two Layers of Titanal – Titanal is a metal in the ski that reduces vibration and increases stability at speed. A ski with Titanal will excel on icy slopes.
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Nordica Enforcer 94 Skis · 2021
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Trent Norman
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Aug 2, 2021

All-mountain ski with a nod towards a wider waist underfoot for those days when the snow is deeper. The all-mountain make-up of this ski gives it enough early rise to allow for quickness in the trees and bumps AND some of that extra float in the deeper snow. Great for the all-mountain skier who wants to go back or side country now and then without sacrificing performance on the hardpack.

Aaron Bandler
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Aug 2, 2021

This is an all-mountain ski that is heavier than other skis for more power. The weight can come at the cost of some maneuverability, but the Enforcer is a ski that still performs really well, despite its mass. The benefit of this heavier ski is that it can soak up vibrations a bit more effectively. When you're pointing it downhill and the snow surface is a little rough, these will crush it.

Ryan Westergaard
Verified ski expert
Reviewed May 14, 2021

94 waist can handle hardpack well but also float in moderate powder. It's a partial twin tip, meaning the tail has a little bit of rise but not as much as the tip. It'll allow you to ski backward, but is still designed as a primarily forward ski. The core is wood, with two thin layers of metal which increase responsiveness and add stability to the ski. It has a turn radius of 15.5.

Pat Jennings
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Aug 2, 2021

Great ski to recommend for versatility and hard-charging fun. The enforcer line is one of the top-rated ski lines of the past several years, and their 94mm underfoot allows more groomer oriented skiers to access these great skis. Fun on groomers, wide enough to take into trees and bumps, and playful enough rocker to smear through crud and smaller powder days.

Nathan Hopkins
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Aug 2, 2021

The Enforcer has two sheets of titenal metal making it stiff, planted, and damp. Also one of the more durable skis out there right now. The dampness soaks up and vibration and you will get zero tip chatter from these bad boys! With a 94mm waist, this ski lays trenches on groomers as it carves through even the worst conditions.