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Wilson Infinite Putter Windy City

Wilson Infinite Putter Windy City

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Product details

The Wilson Infinite Putter Windy City features a simplistic blade shape, single shaft offset hosel construction, and a Plumber’s Neck shaft. The features provide a versatile putter that allows minimal face rotation, and balanced control of short and long putts. A counterbalanced design and anti-glare finish offer a smooth roll to the target, and reduced sun glare for easier alignment. Key Features: - Double Milled Face – Constructed with a double milled face structure that promotes improved consistency and impact, for a smoother roll and distance control. - Counterbalanced Technology – Moving the balance point closer to the hands delivers improved control over the putting stroke and tempo. - Dark, PVD Finish – Designed with an ultra-dark finish to reduce glare, and accentuate sightlines. - Oversized Grip – A heavy, oversized, and perforated grip limits face rotation during the stroke, and provides a comfortable feel.

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Expert product review
Golf Expert David L. Brown
Review by Curated Expert David L. Brown
The Wilson Infinite Windy City Putter is ideal for making and lagging more putts from 25\+ feet. I believe this putter is best suited for someone who is a mid to high-handicap player who plays infrequently and wants to improve their putting numbers.
Head of the Wilson Infinite Putter Windy City.
Back of the Wilson Infinite Putter Windy City.
Handle of the Wilson Infinite Putter Windy City.
Wilson Infinite Putter Windy City
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Tyler Monroe
Tyler Monroe
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

The Wilson Infinite Putter Windy City is designed for players who prefer the size and feel of a blade putter with a Plumber's Neck hosel and a construction that allows only minimal face rotation for a limited arc putting stoke. It is great for players who have a straight back and through stroke that is effective in both short putts and lag putts from distance.

Ryan Kern
Ryan Kern
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Counter balanced technology for a more controlled stroke. Double milled face!