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Cleveland Golf CBX2 Black Satin Wedge

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Black Satin Wedge

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The Curated Take

This wedge is great for a player wanting to hit their wedges higher and further. It offers a lot of forgiveness with the Cavity Back clubhead. The black satin finish offers a sleek look and something different from the ordinary chrome wedge. Cleveland changed the game for game improvement wedges with the CBX technology.

Golf Expert Brady Maag
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Overall ratings
(4.6/5) 2 Expert reviews
  • Optimal Launch and forgiveness
  • Great feel and spin control around the greens
  • 5 yards farther than most performance wedges
  • Higher launching than most wedges on market
Golf Expert Brady Maag
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

The Cleveland CBX2 Wedge is ideal for a vast array of players who prefer to play a forgiving, well-balanced wedge that follows their cavity-backed iron sets in feel and performance. Using a hollow-cavity design with a heavy weight in the toe increases the wedges MOI (Moment of Inertia or, in other words, resistance to twisting) for exceptional control over shots around the greens.

Key Features:

  • Rotex Face – A confluence of aggressive face milling, sharper Tour Zip Grooves, and 4th generation Rotex Face technology, provides tour-level spin to stop shots quickly on the greens.
  • Feel Balancing Technology – Toe-bias center of gravity and Gelback TPU face inserts reduce vibrations and merge to drive better feel through impact.
  • Dynamic Sole – To match each player’s swing tendencies and turf conditions, three different sole grinds work within each loft option to optimize performance in each wedge.
  • Black Finish – Reducing glare and providing a streamlined appearance puts players focus back to the ball and impact.
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Brady Maag
Brady Maag
Golf Expert
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Brady Maag tested this product

The Cleveland CBX 2 Black Satin Wedge is widely known to be one of the most forgiving wedges that a player can get their hands on. It is a wedge that is significantly easier than most wedges to hit full shots and is going to be less punishing on mishits. This product is perfect for high-handicap players, and for those looking for a good amount of forgiveness on their short irons.

  • Forgiveness
  • Launch
  • Bounce
  • Lacks spin around the green
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Are CBX 2 wedges worth it?
Although the Cleveland CBX 1 wedges were excellent, the CBX 2 wedges are superior. Their sole grind, perimeter weighting, greater spin, and even superior feel, in my opinion, are to blame. For a golfer with a mid to high handicap player, this combination of attributes makes them a fantastic choice.
Golf Expert Nick sinclairGolf Expert Brady MaagGolf Expert Gavin Lee
by Nick sinclair on July 29, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Cleveland Golf CBX2 Black Satin Wedge
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