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Rossignol District Black Snowboard · 2022

Rossignol District Black Snowboard · 2022

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The Rossignol District Black is a freestyle board for beginner snowboarders. With a twin shape and a softer flex, it is the perfect choice for getting new tricks dialed in. Key Features:

  • True Twin – The board rides the same either direction, which really helps with learning tricks that involve switch riding.
  • Amptek Auto Turn Rocker – The rocker/camber/rocker combo gives the board plenty of pop and added edge hold and control.
  • Soft Flex – The 3 out of 10 flex is helpful for learning new tricks. It is more forgiving for riding out of sketchy landings and also makes it easier to do some butters and presses.
  • ABS Sidewalls – The sidewalls incorporate extra durability and keep water out of the deck.
  • Freestyle-Oriented – This is a great choice for riders wanting to get into park riding.
  • Extruded 1320 Base – The tougher base requires less maintenance.
Age Group
Model year
Snowboard type
Snowboard skill level
Beginner, Intermediate
Snowboard profile
Snowboard shape
True Twin
Wood Core
Extruded 1320
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Rossignol District Black Snowboard · 2022
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Ben Houghton
Ben Houghton
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

The Rossignol District Black is a soft-flexing, playful freestyle board that rocks on blues groomers and sending it in the park. It's an easy-going, fun-oriented board. With a camber/rocker hybrid profile, this board gives you the best of both worlds, and allows you to have some fun buttering on the nose and tail while having additional float in powder if needed!

Matthew Kaminski
Matthew Kaminski
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

A sweet rocker profile option for the progressing rider! Simple and fun; the Rossi District is ideal for a rider looking for a soft and buttery board that will still carve and handle like a boss! Perfect for all-mountain riding but don't be afraid to take this thing into the park or off some side hits! This thing can handle it all!

Logan K
Logan K
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Softer flex (3/10 on soft to stiff scale) which is easy to control and forgiving on sketchy landings. It makes it nice and flexy on the rails. True twin so it'll ride the same either direction! Will be nice for butters too with its flex. Strong extruded base. Rocker/camber/rocker profile gives it some extra pop and stability, plus a little bit of extra float in pow!

Jessa Myers
Jessa Myers
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

A true beginner’s board! It has a built-in auto turn rocker to help you learn how to connect your turns in no time! It is a super soft flex of 3/10 so it will be easy to manipulate and be very forgiving while learning. It is also a true twin, so no matter which direction you end up going it will not matter because it is the same either way!

Jacob Pare
Jacob Pare
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

The District Black offers an affordable price for an amazing deck that is built to handle the entire mountain! Rossi cores are made with 100% sustainably harvested wood. Twin freestyle flex adds pop and balance for enhanced board control. AmpTek Auto-Turn rocker profile to help you float!