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Callaway Epic Super Hybrid

Callaway Epic Super Hybrid

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The Curated Take

Ideally, this club is for anyone who loves hitting hybrids. This product is a super hybrid, quite literally. I have tested many hybrids and when you test these side by side compared to others on the market, this hybrid is consistently longer in terms carry and overall distance. This is also a great club off the tee. If you need a safer club to play off the tee with, and dont like hitting drivers or woods, then this is the next best bet.

Golf Expert Jackson Newsum
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Overall ratings
(4.1/5) 2 Expert reviews
  • longest hybrid on the market
  • penetrating launch
  • forgiveness
  • no green control
  • lots of roll out
  • too much distance
Golf Expert Jackson Newsum
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid is ideal for many golfers seeking more control and distance from the fairway woods or hybrids in their bags. Shorter in length than a fairway wood, with the DNA of a driver coupled with hosel adjustability, delivers players profound ball flight control from a hybrid option for their long-distance club arsenal.

Key Features:

  • Velocity Blades – Artificial Intelligence (AI) produced face architecture with internal Jailbreak velocity blades that stiffen the club deliver accelerated ball speeds off a large portion of the face.
  • Tungsten Weighting – Positioned at the perimeters of the clubhead, tungsten weighting enhances the stability through impact for reliably high launch and controlled distance.
  • Optifit Adjustability – Adjustability in the Optifit Hosel construction enables players to fine-tune desired ball flights and trajectories to cover any distance gapping or split any fairway.
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Jackson Newsum
Jackson Newsum
Golf Expert
448 customers helped
Jackson Newsum owns this product

This is perfect for someone who can't hit their hybrid or 5 wood well and need something that will go far. It's great for those who need some more forgiveness on their club to help on those mishits. It's also great for someone who struggles hitting their driver off the tee and needs something that can punch it out there like a 3 wood.

  • It goes miles
  • It's super forgiving
  • It launches high while still it pierces the air
  • The feel and sound could use a bit of work
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Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
Is Callaway super hybrid worth it?
Callaway's Epic Super Hybrid is a great specialty club to have in the bag. Offering a traditional club head shape, and lower lofts, offering accuracy from distance and forgiveness out of the rough.
Michael V
by Michael V on July 22, 2022
Can I replace a 3-wood with a hybrid?
You can replace 3 wood. At 15 degrees, there are some great options that offer similar lofts. The Epic Super Hybrids, Utility Hybrids, Utility Irons, all can offer a great replacement for a 3 wood.
Michael V
by Michael V on July 22, 2022
What are super hybrids?
Callaway's Super Hybrid is a mix between a Driver and Hybrid. Offering a 16 degree loft for longer shots coming into the green or for a comfort option off the tee box.
Golf Expert Michael VGolf Expert Gavin LeeGolf Expert Jorge Arteta
by Michael V on July 11, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Callaway Epic Super Hybrid
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