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Salomon the Ultimate Snowboard · 2021

Salomon the Ultimate Snowboard · 2021

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Product details

The Salomon Ultimate Ride Snowboard is an all mountain board with a focus on freeriding. This is a board designed for advanced riders who want to push their freeriding limits. With a strong camber and a middle of the road flex, this board has the response and precision for steep lines, while still being soft enough to ride the rest of the mountain.

Key Features:

  • Quad Camber – Camber between the feet that gets stronger from inside the insert pack - almost up until the nose where there is a small rocker area. This provides good stability and hold, while giving the board enough float.
  • Tapered Twin – This board has a centered stance, and can be ridden switch easily; But features a slightly smaller tail to help float when riding regular.
  • Gunslinger Sidewalls – These sidewalls have carbon inlays in them throughout the whole length of the board, which helps with shock absorption.
Model year
Salomon the Ultimate Snowboard · 2021
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Diego Betts
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Nov 4, 2021

Salomon the Ultimate Snowboard is an all-mountain slayer for the advanced rider who likes to do a bit of everything! This has camber throughout for a responsive and lively board feeling. It's great for carving, has good float in powder from an early rise in the nose, and is not too set back so you can ride switch easily. This thing kills it in the trees, on groomers, in the park and pipe, and sending jumps. Built to be an all-terrain machine, this board has stiffness for higher speeds. A very stable platform for freeriding.