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Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Driver
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Product details

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Driver is engineered for the competitive mid-level player demanding a driver loaded with technology to split fairways with penetrating distance. A deep center of gravity position works in conjunction with significant face flexing to provide the desired apex heights for deep carry distance from multiple clubface impact points.

Key Features:

  • Diamond Face 2.0 – Forty-two diamond shapes of varying thicknesses that act as "mini-trampolines" behind the face produce quick ball speeds from the center and off-center strikes.
  • Deep CG Casing – A rear sole weight housed in a deep center of gravity casing adds stability at impact by reducing twisting to produce straight ball flights.
  • 360 Degree Cup Face Design – Boosting flex across the clubface, a 360-degree face cup launches well from many impact points.
  • A.R.C – Acoustic Resonance Channels internally set in the clubhead provide a solid sound and feel.
  • Power Channel – This driver is built with a deep power channel behind the face to achieve enhanced face flexing for powerful launch and distance.
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Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Driver
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Top reviews
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Seth Castro
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Feb 28, 2022

The new Hot Launch C522 Driver from Tour Edge pushes the technology to the max at an INCREDIBLE VALUE in the marketplace! Diamond Face 2.0 act as trampolines to provide a hotter face & faster ball speed for incredible power & accuracy. Rear sole weighting boosts MOI, reduces twisting and promotes improved stability and optimal launch angles at impact.

Between the 360* Cup Face Design and Deep Power Channel in the sole, forgiveness and distance are increased tp become one of the best options out there for all skill levels! Top shelf sound and feel from the visible A.R.C Acoustic Engineering. The lightweight Mitsubishi Fubuki HL shaft ranges from 45 to 55 grams depending on the flex. Lower kick points help to achieve maximum velocity and helps fight those pesky slices producing a longer and straighter ball flight!

The Hot Launch Driver series is truly an incredible value and worth every penny for ladies, seniors and each and every avid golfer alike!

Fletcher B.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Feb 28, 2022

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 driver is a non adjustable driver that saves some weight, so they could make it very light to give you the best chance to swing the club faster. The diamond face 2.0 acts like mini trampolines so the ball really jumps off the face. The M.O.I boosting rear weight reduces twisting and lowers the center of gravity for maximum stability and launch. The 360* cup face design boosts flex in the face on off center hits to give you more forgiveness without losing too much ball speed on miss hits. The deeper power channel behind the face boosts face flexion at impact to give you longer drives.

Tyler Edwards
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Feb 28, 2022

42 diamond shapes act as mini trampolines to create forgiveness and ball speed for best in class power and accuracy. MOI boosting rear sole weight housed in a deep center of gravity casing reduces twisting and lowers CG for max stability and optimal launch. 360 degree cup face design boosts face flex on off-center hits for maximized power across the entire face. Upgraded acoustic resonance channels internally positioned to deliver exceptional sound and feel. Deeper power channel behind the face increases face flex for increased distance.