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Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedge

Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedge

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Fubuki HL-60
KBS Max 80
Fubuki HL-55
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Product details

The Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedge is engineered for a wide array of competitive players who are seeking forgiveness from a versatile wedge. Design attributes are aimed at providing many players with preferred spin control and a toe-weighted construction, enabling players to manipulate ball flights for a variety of short game shots.

Key Features:

  • VibRCor Technology – Embedded in the deep undercut pocket of the wedge, a strategically placed high-grade TPU dampens vibrations for enhanced feel while simultaneously providing maximum forgiveness.
  • Beveled Leading Edge – A beveled leading edge along with a cambered sole provides a smooth glide through the turf, reducing digging and improving shot consistency.
  • Toe-Weighted Design – Adding weight and mass at the top portion of the face expands the hitting area vertically so shots struck high on the wedge maintain control and feel.
  • Maxed CNC Grooves – Up to the allowed USGA maximum depth limit, computer-milled grooves promote preferred spin and trajectory control from a variety of lies around the greens.
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Ari T
Ari T
Golf Expert
6,082 customers helped
Ari T owns this product

The Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedges are a great option for someone looking for a really solid feeling wedge with great spin that is a great value. The inside of the wedge is hollow and filled with a polymer which enhances feel and adds forgiveness. Solid, traditional look at address. I wish there were more boucne and sole options but these are really solid wedges, especially for the price.

  • Solid feel
  • Above average spin
  • Forgiving design
  • Not a ton of bounce and sole options
Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedge
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