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Tour Edge Women's Hot Launch E522 Wedge

Tour Edge Women's Hot Launch E522 Wedge

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Fubuki HL-50
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Product details

The Tour Edge Women's Hot Launch E522 Wedge delivers many higher-handicap players or those needing more consistency from their wedge game with a forgiving tool to get through any turf condition or position in the bunkers. An expansive hitting area coupled with a wide sole and curved leading edge cuts through a variety of lies and prevents changing impact angles from imparting unwanted ball flight trajectories.

Key Features:

  • Houdini Sole – This wedge is engineered with a curved leading edge and raised steel mass at the rear of the clubhead to reduce drag and lower the effective center of gravity for consistent launch control.
  • Super-wide Sole – This reduces impact errors from causing poor ball flights and adds versatility, from chip shots to explosion shots from the sand.
  • Deep Undercut Cavity – Along with a slice-fighting offset construction to produce draw-bias ball flights, the wedge features a deep undercut cavity delivering added forgiveness.
  • Oversized Face – Providing a large hitting area for maximum control of the ball flight, the oversized face promotes targeted trajectories from an expansive hitting area.
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Tour Edge Women's Hot Launch E522 Wedge
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Mark D.
Mark D.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Intended to be a more player-friendly wedge, Tour Edge has once again used the Houdini sole technology. This results in a wedge that will dig less and even help reduce the "flubs" that all beginner and more novice players struggle with. The E522 wedge has a larger clubface and full face grooves, maximizing the sweet spot.