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Mizuno T22 Raw Wedge

Mizuno T22 Raw Wedge

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The Mizuno T22 Raw Wedge delivers a compact technical wedge forged for a soft buttery feel for low and mid-handicap players. The wedge is accompanied by signature shaping and a raw textured finish, providing many bounce and grind options that fit the player's eyes and shot-making techniques.

Key Features:

  • One Piece Grain Flow – Following Mizuno wedge crafting tradition for exceptional feel, a one-piece Grain Flow Forging HD Boron delivers a consistent feel from each club.
  • Modified Teardrop Shaping – Creating the appearance of a thinner edge, an extensively beveled top edge is engineered in a compact profile.
  • Blade Design – A blade's flared or tapered upper portion creates high spin consistency and a penetrating trajectory.
  • HydroFlow Micro Grooves – Improving wet weather performance by reducing spin drop off Hydro Flow microgrooves are etched into the face.
  • Quad Cut Milled – Cut into Boron infused steel for a longer effective lifespan, loft-specific Quad Cut Grooves are milled into the face.
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Mizuno T22
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
Do Mizuno wedges rust?
Not all Mizuno wedges rust. However, if you choose to purchase the raw version of the T22 wedge then it means it has a raw finish. This raw finish means that the wedge is susceptible to rusting.
Golf Expert Andrew AbbottGolf Expert Christopher Thompson
by Andrew Abbott on July 27, 2022 · view 1 other answer
Are raw face wedges better?
Raw face wedges do not provide a performance benefit over any other wedge finish. One benefit to raw wedges is that they don't reflect the sun into your eyes while swinging.
Golf Expert Peter WeiselGolf Expert Michael VGolf Expert Jeremy Brown
by Peter Weisel on July 10, 2022 · view 2 other answers
What are the different grinds on Mizuno wedges?
S Grind is minimal sole for fuller shots and lower lofts, D Grind is moderate heel and toe relief for more club face manipulation, C Grind is heavy heel and tow relief for skilled players and firmer conditions, and X Grind is extreme relief from the heel toe and leading edge for what Mizuno calls “short game artists”
Golf Expert Markos LiapopoulosGolf Expert Joe MallockGolf Expert Peter Weisel
by Markos Liapopoulos on July 6, 2022 · view 2 other answers
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Mizuno T22 Raw Wedge
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John Lund
John Lund
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Sep 14, 2022

Mizuno T-22 Wedges - One-Piece Grain Flow Forged with Copper: More than fifty years of refining our Grain Flow Forging process in Hiroshima, Japan, ensure that Mizuno wedges are unrivalled for tour and feel around the green. Now with an addition soft feel copper underlay and the option of 4 levels of sole grind.

  • Forged in Hiroshima, Japan: One-piece Grain Flow Forged HD Boron at Mizuno's iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan - where Mizuno irons have been produced since 1968.

  • Modified Teardrop: A slightly more compact profile with an extensively beveled top edge - creating the appearance of a thinner edge.

  • Wet Weather Performance: Mizuno's HydroFlow Micro Grooves are laser etched to release moisture and reduce spin drop off.

  • Spin Weighted Blade Design: By flaring or tapering the upper portion of the blade, the T22 creates a higher consistent spin and more penetrating trajectory.

  • Precise Grooves that Last Longer: Quad Cut Milled and loft specific - cut into Boron infused steel for a longer effective lifespan.

  • Raw steel will rust over time for a look request by many of our tour players.

Zach Hill
Zach Hill
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Players looking to control spin rates. Golfers seeking maximum control around the green and a classic soft Mizuno feedback.

Mitch Gatzke
Mitch Gatzke
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

All skill level players looking for a consistent, great feeling club all around the greens and inside 100 yds.

Tappen Walton
Tappen Walton
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Players looking for control, feel and consistent spin on approach shots and short game.

Jorge Arteta
Jorge Arteta
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

better players looking to be creative around the greens