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K2 Mindbender 106C Alliance Skis · Women's · 2022 · 167 cm

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The Mindbender 106C Alliance skis are built for the more aggressive all-mountain ripper out west. Wide enough to be considered a powder ski, but not too wide to tackle groomers, moguls, and tree runs alike, the Mindbender 106C beg to be taken all over the mountain. Though wider underfoot, they are responsive and intuitive! They will listen loyally to skiers who command them with confidence and their lighter-weight core keeps their driver's legs fresh all day. With that said, they may become a bit bossy and overbearing on those who lack experience or forward pressure while heading downhill. They can also feel a little defiant when trying to make shorter carving turns due to their wider waist.

For the skier who wants a lighter, more agreeable alternative from the Mindbender TIs, these planks are an amazing option that still stand up to hard driving legs without tiring them out. When upgrading my old setup to better match my new CO homebase, I bought these skis and immediately slapped on a 50/50 transitional in-bounds, backcountry binding. Coming in around 1740 grams, I've found that their moderate weight allows me to tour on them without wearing myself out too much, but still maintain their integrity while entering choppier, variable backcountry conditions. On top of that, they pack enough pop to shoot me off of little side hits and jumps with ease. I'm not sure how I actually look, but I definitely feel cool skiing these Mindbender 106Cs.

Ideal for
  • Long-radius, wide-arching groomer turns
  • Open powder fields
  • Soft and fluffy, tight tree runs
Not ideal for
  • Not the most damp, can feel some chatter on icy groomers
  • 106mm width makes edge-to-edge control more challenging for beginners

The Mindbender 106C Alliance women's skis by K2® are all-conditions, women's-specific freeride skis. They have a mid-fat 106mm waist, a lightweight Aspen Veneer wood core, and K2's Spectral Braid technology that incorporates carbon fiber stringers along the length of the ski.

Key Features:

  • All-Terrain Rocker™ – These skis have a gradual rise to the tip for versatility in all snow conditions. They also feature a shorter, lower-rise tail to help aid control in changing snow conditions.
  • Spectral Braid – These skis are made with patent-pending, first-of-its-kind variable angle reinforcement. The change in fiber orientation along the length of the ski allows K2 to stiffen the ski where they choose and add playfulness by loosening the fibers.
  • Aspen Core – The aspen wood used in the core makes these skis lightweight, resilient, and perform well in all conditions.
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