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Salomon S/Max 120 Ski Boots · 2021

Salomon S/Max 120 Ski Boots · 2021

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Product details

Salomon’s S Max series are for those skiers who want a lightweight, performance-oriented, shell-molding ski boot. The firm 120 flex matches the needs of high-speed racers, big cliff droppers, or powder chasing ski bums and is supported by its Core-Frame construction. In addition, the moldable Custom Shell HD allows the lower portion of the boot to expand from a 98mm last up to 104mm in an easy 10-minute process, and the seamless interior liner keeps the foot warm and comfortable for all-day-long skiing.

Key Features:

  • Binding Compatibility – Compatible with all major binding types, except for Tech/Pin bindings, these boots will fit a wide range of ski styles from front-side oriented groomers to backcountry travel.
  • Stiff Flex – The 120 flex rating is best suited for hard-charging skiers looking for the best performance and most control out of their boots.
  • Custom Shell HD – Within 10 minutes, the customizable shell can expand up to 6mm to allow for various foot sizes and shapes.
Age Group
Model year
Skill level
Advanced, Expert
Flex index
Forefoot width (mm)
Walk/tour mode (Y/N)
Liner type
Ski boot type
Alpine downhill
Liner description
My Custom Fit 3D Seamless Pro Liner – Those pesky seams you feel on your little toes? They're gone in the pre-shaped and seamless S/Max and S/Pro liners, and you'll be happy they're a thing of the past. Improves comfort, precision and ensures a warmer fit.
Screwed Oversized Pivot – Reduced play for extreme precision and direct power transmission. Because many modern all mountain skis are wider, they require more torque to stay on edge. Oversized Pivot answers the need of wider skis.
Number of buckles
Shell materials & design
Polyurethane with Fiberglass Coreframe
Type of buckles
4 Micro-Adjustable Aluminum 3D Buckles – Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckle for optimum in-step comfort, full customization and personalized foot hold.
Boot sole type
Alpine DIN (ISO 5355)
Expert product review
Ski Expert Nathaniel Cavo
Review by Curated Expert Nathaniel Cavo
The Salomon S/Max 120 is the perfect boot for an intermediate to advanced skier to do almost everything. Tight-fitting, comfortable, and performance-oriented, it is the perfect aggressive boot for heavy on-piste use.
Claimed Stiffness Accuracy
Heel Hold
Close up of the Salomon S/Max 120 ski boots.
Top down view of the Salomon S/Max Ski boots.
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
What is an all mountain ski boot?
An all-mountain ski boot is a ski boot designed for skiing on-and-off piste, preferably for the entire day. It will be more comfortable than a racing ski boot, and may or may not come with a "walk mode."
Ski Expert Rob G.Snowboard Expert Ethan Rudyk
by Rob G. on July 12, 2022 · view 1 other answer
What's the difference between Salomon S Max and S Pro?
Salomon uses the terms S/Max, S/Pro and S/Pro HV to differentiate between the lasts (widths) on its narrow (low volume), medium (mid volume) and wide (high) volume boots. S/max boots are the narrowest, with a stated last of 98mm. S/Pro are the medium-width boots with a stated last of 100mm and S/Pro HV are the widest. (102mm). In short, S/Max boots are ideal for skiers with narrower feet, S/Pro boots are best-suited for skiers with medium width feet, and S/Pro HV are for skiers with wider feet.
Ski Expert Rob G.Snowboard Expert Ethan Rudyk
by Rob G. on July 7, 2022 · view 1 other answer
What does ski boot stiffness mean?
Ski boot stiffness is indicated by a ski boot's "Flex Rating," which -- in adult boots ranges from 65 to 130+ -- and is a measure of how much force is required to flex the the tongue of a closed boot. An appropriately stiff boot is one where the skier can flex the the tongue of the boot (by flexing the ankle and pressing forward with the shin) but with some resistance --or push back -- from the boot. If a boot is too soft, a skier will flex through the boot, If a boot is too stiff, then the skier won't be able to flex the boot sufficiently. Heavier, more advanced skiers with stronger legs will want stiffer flexing boots. Lighter, less experienced skier with weaker legs will want softer flexing boots.
Ski Expert Rob G.Ski Expert Luke HinzSnowboard Expert Ethan Rudyk
by Rob G. on July 5, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Salomon S/Max 120 Ski Boots · 2021
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Jarl Berg
Jarl Berg
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Advanced/expert looking for an all-mountain boot and wider toe-box.