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Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN Ski Boots · 2023 · 30.5

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Color: Brick Orange
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The Tecnica Cochise 130 boot is the go-to boot for advanced and expert skiers who want the stiffest and strongest boot to ski in the resort with, but also have the ability to tour uphill with. The downhill performance is equal to any resort boot you can get, almost indistinguishable from stiff boots that don't feature a walk mode. Going uphill, the mechanism is smooth and extremely easy to use. Putting aside the weight, which is certainly right at the upper limit of what you should consider using for uphill use, the hiking capability of the Cochise is outstanding. The liner is the best I've used, both in support and heel lock, but the lacing feature helps provide consistent pressure and hold without needlessly tightening the buckles.

Ideal for
  • Best liner I've ever used.
  • Walk mode is smooth, and easy to engage.
  • Strong and supportive for aggressive and larger skiers.
Not ideal for
  • Heavy to hike uphill with

The Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN Ski Boots are the ultimate hybrid ski boots that combine the best of both worlds. With a full-gas 4-buckle alpine boot design and the versatility and walkability of a touring boot, these boots are perfect for freeriders, ski patrollers, and high-performance alpine skiers who need one boot to do it all. The C.A.S. shell and liner provide an out-of-the-box fit with industry-leading customization capabilities for those who require extra attention to their feet.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid Design: Hybrid ski boot that combines the performance of an alpine boot with the versatility and walkability of a touring boot.
  • T-Ride Walk Mechanism: The reimagined T-Ride walk mechanism adapts technology from Tecnica's Zero G line to be more freeride-oriented for maximum downhill performance while maintaining exceptional walkability.
  • Customizable Fit: The C.A.S. shell and liner provide an out-of-the-box fit with industry-leading customization capabilities for those whose feet require extra attention.
  • All-Day Comfort: Whether you're setting out on an all-day mission or just taking a short hike up the ridge, these boots offer comfort throughout your entire day on the mountain.
  • Legendary Performance: For over a decade now, Tecnica's Cochise franchise has continuously raised the bar in hybrid ski boots category - earning legendary status through years of consistent greatness.
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Appreciate Kelly
5 /5
Kelly nailed my preferences of what I was looking for in my new outwear set up. She gave me great options that matched right away at what I was looking for. Made my purchase same day. Kelly was super helpful and responsive, I can't wait to set out with this new setup! Thank you Kelly!
Ashley Verified CustomerDec 7, 2023
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Great Advice
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Mike was really helpful when I needed to buy a snowboard! New to the sport, there is a lot of vocabulary I don't know yet, and although I have certain goals I had no idea which board was best for me. He was really responsive and felt very honest when communicating. I really appreciated it! Honestly wouldn't have found a board as fit for my needs without the consultation
Olivia Verified CustomerDec 6, 2023
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Tommy was beyond helpful!
5 /5
I was completely overwhelmed with trying to find the right ski gear. I recently switched from snowboarding to skiing, so I understand the importance of buying the right gear for your skill level. Tommy was so helpful and didn’t make me feel silly for asking questions. Also, he nailed the recommendations right off the bat. He found options at and surprisingly below my budget. I can’t wait to hit the slopes! Thank you, Tommy!
Chelsy Verified CustomerDec 5, 2023
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Awesome experience from an awesome guy!
5 /5
I originally had some boards in mind and after talking to Ben I realized that my selection was no where near what I needed for the way I ride. He hooked me up with some great recommendations and answered all of the many questions I had along the way. I highly recommend asking Ben about anything snowboard related, he’s very knowledgeable and definitely knows his stuff!
Patrick Verified CustomerDec 5, 2023
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Cute and Functional Recommendations
5 /5
One of my main constraints of shopping for a board was that I wanted a cute design. Cody went above and beyond finding me a board that would work for me, laid out multiple options and talked in depth about how each option would fit into my riding style. Cody picked out the ladies choice, which has been a phenomenal board so far, and I'm excited to continue riding it into the season.
Alex P Verified CustomerDec 5, 2023
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