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Cobra LTDx LS Fairway Wood · Right handed · Stiff · 3W

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Color: Gold Fusion/ Black
Dominant hand
Left handed
Right handed
Shaft flex
Extra stiff
Shaft name
MCA Tensei AV Raw White 75
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By the Expert Community

As someone who struggles with 3 woods, this was finally one I could feel confident with. It looks great at address, especially in the blue colorway (it comes in glossy blue and matte black). The adjustable weights really helped dial in my ball flight as well. I put the heavier weight in the toe to eliminate a left miss. If you are also looking for a long three wood, I would try this. I usually play a 13* 3 wood but didn't need to given the distance I have with this club.

Ideal for
  • Off the Tee Fairway Wood
  • Low Spinning Fairway Wood
  • Interchangeable weighting
Not ideal for
  • Larger profile for a "Tour" head

The Cobra LTDX LS Fairway Wood's design elements deliver many mid-handicap to lower handicap golfers profound control over the ball flight from the fairway woods in the bag. Weight massed at the heel, toe, and front of the club produces a stealthy combination of launch, stability and spin optimization for safe shots to any targeted location.

Key Features:

  • PWR-COR Technology – A multi-material weighting system pushes mass to the extreme front and low in the club, transferring maximum energy into the golf ball and creating a balance of low spin and high launch.
  • Highly Optimized Topology (HOT) – Visual peaks and valleys and 15 different zones of variable thickness optimize ball speeds across the face, delivering effortless launch and deeper distance.
  • Progressive Baffler Rails –Baffler rails improve turf interaction in the 5 and 7 woods, enhancing launch from steeper angles of attack while smooth soles in the 3 wood improve distance from shallower attack angles.
  • Arccos Smart Sensors – Relaying distance data from golf shots to a cell phone or computer, sensors in each wood provide the information needed to make informed club selections to reach each green.
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Nick Johnson owns this product
As someone who struggles with 3 woods, this was finally one I could feel confident with. It looks great at address, especially in the blue colorway (it comes in glossy blue and matte black). The adjustable weights really helped dial in my ball flight as well. I put the heavier weight in the toe to eliminate a left miss. If... Read more
Ideal for
  • Off the Tee Fairway Wood
  • Low Spinning Fairway Wood
  • Interchangeable weighting
Not ideal for
  • Larger profile for a "Tour" head
Reviewed by:
Nick Johnson
Golf Expert

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Is the Cobra F9 fairway wood forgiving?

The Cobra F9 Speedback is a remarkable fairway wood, as it is cnc milled so you may be wondering if it is right for you. This is one of their longest and best woods that I would recommend to anybody especially those in the 5-25 handicap range as it is powerful and forgiving. Many of my students have enjoyed their Cobra woods over the years, and the Cobra F9 is no exception. It is especially forgiving yet powerful.
Answered by:
Jay Graham
Golf Expert

Are Cobra woods any good?

Cobra has a variety of woods in which a player can choose to utilize based on their skill. The LTDx line has 3 different woods that maximize all players abilities. For this reason, Cobra woods are great clubs because they are designed for forgiveness, distance, or workability.
Answered by:
Joshua Malutan
Golf Expert

Which LTDx fairway model would be best suited for a high speed player looking for workability?

The Cobra LTDx LS fairway wood is the model best suited for a player with a fast swing speed who wants a workable wood. Specifically, the 5 wood is tour designed, meaning it has a smaller head than the 3 wood and it is a more workable club.
Answered by:
Joe Mallock
Golf Expert
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16 customer reviews

Cobra LTDX LS 5 wood

Originally posted at on Aug 20, 2023
Great club !! Ordered with stock Tensei stiff shaft and Lamkin grip. Bought an extra weight to help balance the trajectory. Club feels great and is a smooth swinger for a 75 gram shaft. Only thing is, I don't hit it any farther than my Wilson D9 17° hybrid with the same length.
Toby R.
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The Missle Maker

Originally posted at on Aug 11, 2023
Got it in the X, hit absolute bombs! By far the best 3 wood I’ve ever owned.
John M.
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Bob knows his stuff!
5 /5
He was very understanding of my wants in a set of clubs for a beginner like myself and offered three personalized sets based on my price range and height. He gave me three different options each with their own pros and cons but all of them were greatly appreciated! Knowledgeable person who made purchasing my first set of clubs seamless!
Kevin Verified CustomerSep 28, 2023
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Helped by:
And the rest of Sara’s suggestions were right on!
5 /5
Sara recommended 3 choices for woods and irons. I settled on the TRS2 3W and TRS2 Hybrid with specific shafts she also recommended and the Golf Pride Tour Wrap G2 grips I preferred. I selected the Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Irons and got the 4-PW and added the G, L and S wedges with the shafts Sara recommended and the same grips I preferred. This combo is the best I have ever hit providing me with great satisfaction almost each time I hit the ball as I still, occasionally, hit a bad shot but that’s on me and not the club selection. Sara really was spot on with her selection of clubs for me and I also was recommended the Scotty Cameron Phantom putter which is the best putter I have ever had. Thanks again Sara! Really appreciate your knowledge and help!
William Verified CustomerSep 27, 2023
Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 Putter · 35" · Right handed
Helped by:
Awesome Expert
5 /5
Mick was super friendly and helpful from the start. Being that we are both from St. Louis, we started out our interaction by talking about shared experiences there which really broke the ice and made me feel welcomed. As we continued on, Mick stuck with me as I went back and forth on decisions and took a couple weeks to make a purchase. When I finally did, he even threw me a deal with a free pack of balls! Great experience and I will be shopping with Mick again in the future.
George Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
Cobra LTDx MAX Driver · Right handed · Regular · 10.5°
Helped by:
Very Knowledgeable Friendly!
5 /5
Was searching for a nice, but simple/basic hat to use while out on the course. Was linked with Ted and relieved I was!! You never really know what to expect from websites it a real person, is there some brand or type or quota. Not a worry here with Ted. Even for something as simple as a hat, got a quick response with no hassle or pressure. Even gained a recommendation from Ted on some golf balls, which I asked about during our chat. So, all-in-all, I am beyond happy with my experience and very grateful to have worked with Ted. I highly recommend anyone searching for anything related to golf to link up with Ted, you'll be both happy and relieved you did!! Appreciate your time, Ted!
Ty Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
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Helped by:
Ted is super helpful!!
5 /5
Was only looking to get a couple of boxes of golf balls and was interested in ones that help with those of us who slice. Ted didn't try and upsell anything or press additional items, just addressed the ask and recommended a great item for my use! It's a tremendous relief to have someone actually help with no agenda or motive. Highly recommend Ted for anything golf related!!!!!!! Thank you, Ted!
Erica Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
Callaway Superfast Bold Golf Balls · Red
Callaway Superfast Bold Golf Balls · White
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Bobby was Amazing!!!
5 /5
Bobby helped me through every step with options and answers for every question I had. Never pushy, but got me to buy this set earlier than I wanted too because he made me feel comfortable and confident Highly recommend Bobby and if you want a great deal on a quality product
Marc Verified CustomerSep 22, 2023
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