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K2 Mindbender 106C Alliance Skis · Women's · 2022 · 175 cm

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The Mindbender 106C Alliance skis are built for the more aggressive all-mountain ripper out west. Wide enough to be considered a powder ski, but not too wide to tackle groomers, moguls, and tree runs alike, the Mindbender 106C beg to be taken all over the mountain. Though wider underfoot, they are responsive and intuitive! They will listen loyally to skiers who command them with confidence and their lighter-weight core keeps their driver's legs fresh all day. With that said, they may become a bit bossy and overbearing on those who lack experience or forward pressure while heading downhill. They can also feel a little defiant when trying to make shorter carving turns due to their wider waist.

For the skier who wants a lighter, more agreeable alternative from the Mindbender TIs, these planks are an amazing option that still stand up to hard driving legs without tiring them out. When upgrading my old setup to better match my new CO homebase, I bought these skis and immediately slapped on a 50/50 transitional in-bounds, backcountry binding. Coming in around 1740 grams, I've found that their moderate weight allows me to tour on them without wearing myself out too much, but still maintain their integrity while entering choppier, variable backcountry conditions. On top of that, they pack enough pop to shoot me off of little side hits and jumps with ease. I'm not sure how I actually look, but I definitely feel cool skiing these Mindbender 106Cs.

Ideal for
  • Long-radius, wide-arching groomer turns
  • Open powder fields
  • Soft and fluffy, tight tree runs
Not ideal for
  • Not the most damp, can feel some chatter on icy groomers
  • 106mm width makes edge-to-edge control more challenging for beginners

The Mindbender 106C Alliance women's skis by K2® are all-conditions, women's-specific freeride skis. They have a mid-fat 106mm waist, a lightweight Aspen Veneer wood core, and K2's Spectral Braid technology that incorporates carbon fiber stringers along the length of the ski.

Key Features:

  • All-Terrain Rocker™ – These skis have a gradual rise to the tip for versatility in all snow conditions. They also feature a shorter, lower-rise tail to help aid control in changing snow conditions.
  • Spectral Braid – These skis are made with patent-pending, first-of-its-kind variable angle reinforcement. The change in fiber orientation along the length of the ski allows K2 to stiffen the ski where they choose and add playfulness by loosening the fibers.
  • Aspen Core – The aspen wood used in the core makes these skis lightweight, resilient, and perform well in all conditions.
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I had an absolutely amazing experience with Edward! Going in to buying skis I had no idea what to look for and super anxious about finding the perfect skis. He gave me great recommendations and guided me every step of the way. Super attentive and overall a great resource! If you are paired with Edward you’re in great hands! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you, Edward for everything! You truly made the experience amazing for me from offering recommendations, answering questions, and supporting me throughout the process! You’re the best!!!
anna Verified CustomerDec 10, 2023
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Passion and patience HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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This guy will answer as many questions as you can throw his way- even if you ask the same question 5 different ways. NEVER felt like he got annoyed with me. Super knowledgeable and if he didn't know the exact right answer he said he'd find out and did quickly. I don't expect anyone to know everything, and I respect when someone can admit it and know where to find it. I'm still asking him questions even after my purchase lolHighly Recommended!!! Thanks Brenden.
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Josh helped me figure out exactly what it is that I needed. Ive been a skateboarder for 20+ years and he has helped me transition to snowboarding by guiding me into the direction that most fits a person with heavy skateboarding background. He explained the gear and everything. He listened to my story and helped me define a setup from just that information.
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I don’t usually write reviews
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I am truly grateful for the time Daniela spent taking care of my many questions as I decided on equipment for skiing. There are so many measurements to deal with (Daniela mentioned ones I didn’t even know I needed to know) it was frustrating. She held my hand, and I’m confident I have something for my skill level. There are settings I know I will need some pro help on like DIN settings. I’m looking forward to hitting the slopes with my new gear. Thanks Daniela!
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Jarom was responsive and understanding. He made sure he understood what I was looking for, and helped explain what he thought would be a good fit. When I approached him with another Ski, he was quick to assure me that it was a good ski, but also why he thought the one he chose would be a better fit. I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience
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I was in the market for a new snowboard and bindings for the 2024 season. I have had the same set up for about 10 years now and was ready to invest in a solid set up. I filled out the Curated questionnaire and was lucky to land Dave as my Curated expert. I chatted it up with Dave on what I like to do on the mountains and within 20 min I received his recommended line up of boards and bindings. Dave took the time to provide a detailed description for each board/bindings along with a personalize video as well which was so cool! Literally feel like I’m friends with the guy now, ha! I ended up going with the T. Rice Pro with the Union Falcor bindings. PUMPED for the 2024 season to rip it on my new setup! Dave is the man 🤙🏼
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Hayden was super helpful
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I came onto this website not sure what to expect, and I'm walking away with a new pair of skis and bindings that I am confident will work great for me. Hayden was super knowledgable on the many types of skis and helped me with the many many questions I had for him. He was also super fun and light hearted which made my buying experience that much better. I will definitely be recommending Hayden and this website to others looking to buy skis, and will appreciate all he did for me :)
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