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Stix Golf Complete Set 14-Piece with Stand Bag

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The Stix Golf Complete Set - 14-piece Bundle is ideal for a range of golfers, from those just starting out to more advanced players. The clubs have a sharp black color scheme, which gives them a simplistic and minimalist design while maintaing a competive price based on Stix Golf's Direct To Consumer model. Stix Golf's simple configuration process is straightforward, offering clubs for people 5 feet tall to 6'7". The shaft flex is determined by how fast the individual swings the club; new players will benefit from regular flex or A flex, which will help them develop their golf fundamentals before starting to swing quicker. Stiff flex is for a player who will swing a bit quicker with a swing over 95mph. This set includes Driver, 3wd, 4hybrid, 5wd, 5-PW, 52 degree, 56 degree, 60 degree and putter plus headcovers for the Driver, Woods, Hybrids and Putter for better protection.

Key Features:

  • Simple Configuration – The configuration has three key factors: Dexterity, Shaft Flex (clubhead speed/how fast a person swings the club), and Shaft Length (determined by player height). The number of shaft and head options out there nowadays are endless, and having a simple configuration makes things easier by getting a premium shaft into one's hands without having to put too much thought into it.
  • Attractive Design – The minimalist design with the sharp black scheme not only offers eye appealing aesthertics but also an improved, durable finish for scratch-resistance keeping the clubs looking newer for longer.
  • Premium Quality – Stix offers both great forgiveness and quality materials, which is ideal for golfers looking for value without giving up on quality in a new set.
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How comfortable and durable is the stand bag included with the Stix Golf Complete Set 14-Piece?

The bag is nice, especially for a packaged set. It is a stand bag, making it easy to set up while you take your shots, but not eliminating the possibility of throwing it in the back of a cart. It is also well made, making it able to last a while and be durable.
Answered by:
Dylan B
Golf Expert

What clubs are included in the Stix Golf Complete Set 14-Piece, and are they high quality?

The Stix Golf Complete 14 Set comes with 14 clubs and a high quality stand bag. The set has a Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, 52 approach wedge , 56 sand wedge, and 60 degree lob wedge. This set is high quality for a premade set. However, it would not be considered high quality compared to custom made sets. The clubs' shafts also have a tendency to break if swung too hard. So overall, solid set, but not the best quality.
Answered by:
Vincent P.
Golf Expert

Is the Stix Golf Complete Set 14-Piece with Stand Bag suitable for beginners, or is it better suited for intermediate or advanced golfers?

The Stix Golf Complete Set 14 Piece is best for beginner players. The clubs have graphite shafts and are meant for slower swinging players. Better players who swing faster and need less forgiveness would benefit more from custom clubs that have steel shafts and stiffer flexes. Overall, this set is best suited for beginners and high handicappers wanting a good entry level set.
Answered by:
Vincent P.
Golf Expert

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Very efficient and thorough
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Instead of just asking for measurements and experience Bobby was more thorough and asked how dedicated i am, what kind of playing i do and things that most overlook. Took the time to send a video explaining the clubs he recommended for me and gave me two great options based on the information. i was having a hard time finding clubs on my own and if not for Bobby specifically i probably would have gave up and kept renting low quality clubs. Definitely a great experience and i’m excited to really start honing my golfing skills. Thanks Bobby.
chandan Verified CustomerSep 20, 2023
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Andrew was so kind and helpful!
5 /5
I am brand new at golf. The most experience I have revolves around playing at TopGolf. I decided I wanted to take on golfing as a more serious hobby, but I had no idea how to start. Andrew answered my questions and took his time explaining my options to me. Greatly appreciated!
Mariana Verified CustomerSep 20, 2023
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Greatest Experience!
5 /5
Ted was in a hurry to be methodical! Didn't attempt to push a particular model, brand or style. Wasn't interested in rushing my decision, and was unbelievably patient with my thoughts, questions, concerns and curiosities. He took his time to incorporate my inconsistencies and issues with my game to recommend types, lofts, angles, fact types, etc so that I had a cart with only pertinent and relevant items in it. Then to top it off, found every discount and reduction available to ensure I had the lowest cost per item and overall, for my cart. What more could anyone hope for??!! Cannot recommend Ted highly enough and I hope anyone reading this gets to work with him on their purchases! Thank you for the time, energy, effort and patience Ted!
Will Verified CustomerSep 19, 2023
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Ryan was fantastic!
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Ryan was very supportive and helpful! He allowed me to get comfortable with my choice and take the time to make sure I was financially ready. I don’t really like big purchases so his willingness to work with my timetable was awesome. I greatly appreciate his support and assistance!
Kennedy Verified CustomerSep 19, 2023
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