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Stix Golf The Casual 9-Piece Set

Stix Golf The Casual 9-Piece Set

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Product details

The Stix Golf Casual Set - 9 -Piece is ideal for a range of golfers seeking a low cost of entry that allows for growth. The clubs have a sharp black color scheme, which gives them a simplistic and minimalist design. This premium set costs less than those from Big Box brands, because Stix is a direct to consumer brand, their simple configuration process instills confidance when searching for the correct set. Clubs available for players 5 feet tall to those who are 6'7". The shaft flex is determined by how fast the individual swings the club, new players will benefit from regular flex or A flex, which will help them develop their golf fundamentals before starting to swing quicker. Stiff flex is for a player who will swing a bit quicker, at over 95mph. This set includes Driver, 4hybrid, 5wd, 5 iron, 7 iron, 9 iron, PW, 56 degree and putter.

Key Features:

  • Simple Configuration – The configuration has three key factors: Dexterity, Shaft Flex (clubhead speed/how fast a person swings the club), and Shaft Length (determined by player height). The number of shaft and head options out there nowadays are endless, and having a simple configuration makes things easier by getting a premium shaft into one's hands without having to put too much thought into it, Stix accomplishes this with simplicity and quality.
  • Attractive Design – The minimalist design with the sharp black scheme not only offers eye appeal, but also an improved, durable finish for scratch-resistance, keeping the clubs looking newer for longer.
  • Premium Quality – Stix offer both great forgiveness and quality materials, which is ideal for golfers looking for value without giving up on quality in a new set.
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Stix Golf The Casual 9-Piece Set
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Andrew Z
Andrew Z
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Stix set out to create high level clubs with the same materials, but not the high level prices. This 9-piece set provides everything you need to get back onto the course for the first time in a few years. These are easy to hit, are great for distance, and have a sharp black finish.