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Stix + Vice Drive Golf Balls

Stix + Vice Drive Golf Balls

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Product details

The Stix + Vice Drive Golf balls are the Vice Drive golf balls with the Stix Golf logo on them. The Vice Drive golf balls are suited for players seeking distance, specifically distance off the tee with the driver. They are designed for any player who has a low to moderate swing speed who is looking to gain a few extra yards on the tee shots to get closer to the green. These golf balls are built with a durable cover for long lasting performance.

Key Features:

  • Soft Energy Speed Core – The Soft Energy Speed Core is designed to increase distance on the golf shot as it maximizes soft feel while allowing for a greater gain in distance.
  • 312 Large Dimple Pattern – The dimples on the golf ball are how it gets its aerodynamics. The 312 dimple pattern gives this ball a more stable ball flight in the air and promotes greater carry distances.
  • Keep In Line (KIL) Putt Line – The Keep In Line (KIL) Putt Line is stamped on the ball for better alignment when putting. It is extra long and has sharp edges to help any golfer feel more confident that they are aiming correctly on the greens.
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Golf Expert David L. Brown
Review by Curated Expert David L. Brown
The Stix + Vice Drive golf ball is a budget-friendly golf ball that competes with higher-end balls, like the Titleist Pro V1 and Callaways Chrome Soft. These golf balls are ideal for anyone looking to maintain their distance and have great touch around the greens, all while paying half the price of a high-end golf ball.
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A golf club in front of the Stix + Vice Drive Golf Ball.
A box of Stix + Vice Drive Golf Balls.
A Stix + Vice Drive Golf Ball.
Stix + Vice Drive Golf Balls
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