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Black Diamond Helio 350 Ski Bindings · 2022

Black Diamond Helio 350 Ski Bindings · 2022

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Product details

The Black Diamond Helio 350 is a lightweight touring binding that doesn't compromise downhill performance to save on grams. This is a durable binding that offers forward pressure for more stable and reliable binding performance. It is great for backcountry skiers who want to access big objectives that will take some walking to get to.

Key Features:

  • Elastic Forward Pressure – Forward pressure allows the binding to maintain a more steady feel in rough snow or under high flex. It also reduces the risk of a pre-release when skiing bigger lines. Furthermore, it will allow for more predictable and reliable releases during a twisting fall. This means the skier can be confident and the ski will stay on when it should, but still release in case of a fall with high injury potential.
  • Aircraft Aluminum Construction – Aircraft aluminum is incredibly durable and lightweight, meaning these binding will hold up for many seasons.
  • Integrated Ski Crampon Slot – A slot in the toe piece is compatible with Black Diamond's Helio ski crampons. This allows the skier to easily attach ski crampons for touring on icier snow surfaces.
  • 5 Position Heel Riser –The heel riser creates a platform for you to step on when touring uphill. Having 5 riser options allows for comfortable, efficient uphill travel on a variety of slope angles. Saving energy on the uphill means the rider has more gas in the tank for the descent.
  • Lightweight – At 350g this binding won't weigh the skier down as they make their way up the skin track.
Model year
Ski binding type
Alpine Touring, Tech
Din release - low value
Din release - high value
Alu Alloys, Stainless Steel, and POM
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Expert Reviews
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Andrew Rostek
Andrew Rostek
Ski Expert
108 customers helped
Andrew Rostek tested this product

This is a great tech binding for all but the most extreme ends of the touring world. Unless you need a hyper light binding for extended length tours, or absolutely need to hit that cliff in the backcountry, this series of bindings is an amazing balance of weight and performance.

I have toured this specific model for the past three seasons mounted on a pair of Helio 105 skis. Over this time, I have been able to get very familiar with the performance of the binding and all its nuances. Like any pin tech binding there are limitations to the product, but the design of the release and machined manufacturing process gives me much more confidence in the reliability and durability of this binding over other designs. As long as you are sure to clear the pins of snow, the release is very consistent and predictable. The design does a very good job of not feeling skittish or chattery on icy snow, and the power transfer is remarkable for a pin binding.

I would happily recommend this binding and the variations of it to 90% of the people touring.

  • Based on the ATK Raider 12 platform the Black Diamond Helio 350 is a must consider for all but the extremes of the touring world.
  • The Helio 350 features the most advanced heal release mechanism currently available by ATK giving supreme confidence and security on the mountain.
  • Machined aluminum components from a factory that built Formula 1 parts ensures the highest quality and durability currently available.
  • The brake on this model will not save a 105 underfoot ski.
  • All pin bindings will have some issues with snow build up, though this handles it admirably.
  • This model has a higher ramp angle than other ATK rebrands.
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Black Diamond Helio 350 Ski Bindings · 2022
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