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Xzone Lures 3" Ned Zone

Xzone Lures 3" Ned Zone

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The Xzone Lures 3" Ned Zone is an artificial soft bait for the bass angler that wants an effortless Ned Rig setup. Designed for the Ned Rig, it can also be fished on Wacky Wigs, Drop Shot, Carolina Rigs, and Shaky Head setups. The unique tail action is designed to make subtle motions that will entice fish to strike.

Key Features:

  • Hand Poured Bait – Scent and salt is added to the bait to entice further strikes from wary fish.
  • Centerline On The Bottom – A straight rig every time is possible by using the centerline orientation mark.
  • Multiple Colors – These soft baits come in a 19 different colors to match any fishing condition and need.
Lure type
Soft baits
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Xzone Lures 3" Ned Zone
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Adam Fox
Adam Fox
Verified conventional fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

For use with a Ned rig, so you can put a weight at one end, hook it in the middle, then jig it off the bottom. Doing so makes it look like a feeding eel or burrowing lamprey, depending on color. You can also put a jig head on the end that you would normally insert a Ned rig weight. The bottle-neck end will act as a great tail/streamer jigging it that way!