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River2Sea S-Waver 120S Glidebait

River2Sea S-Waver 120S Glidebait

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Product details
  • The River2Sea S-Waver 120S Glidebait is a jointed swimbait style lure designed to imitate bait fish. The lure has a unique S shaped motion when retrieved. With the rod tip up, this lure rides the surface; drop the rod tip and this lure will swim underwater at a depth of one foot. The soft PVC tail accentuates the motion of the lure in the water, causing more strikes. Baitcasting and spin fishing anglers targeting predatory fish would use this lure.

Key Features:

  • Natural Sine Wave Motion – Due to the pin and tenon hinge of this lure, when retrieved, this lure tracks like a sine wave, drawing predatory fish in.
  • Two Treble Hooks – This comes with 2 #4 treble hooks designed to stay sharp and penetrate the fish's mouth deep for a good hold.
  • Multiple Colors – This lure comes in 16 color combinations or even a "paint it yourself" option to best match the native bait fish.
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Hard baits
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River2Sea S-Waver 120S Glidebait
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