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Bassman TW Series Double Willow Blades

Bassman TW Series Double Willow Blades

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The Bassman TW Series Double Willow Blades is a spinnerbait that imitates shad well, and is commonly used for chasing down largemouth bass. The black, high-tensile wire rig makes this spinnerbait resistant to hang ups. The two spinner blades produce vibrations in the water that aid in attracting fish. The two Willow blades are streamlined, and offer very little water resistance. The silicon skirt adds life-like motion to induce strikes.

Key Features:

  • 6 Bait Mimicking Colors – This spinnerbait comes in 6 color schemes to match local bait fish.
  • Two Spinner Blades – The two spinner blades create water vibrations to draw fish in.
  • Sculpted Head with Large Eyes – The eyes on the head of the spinnerbait create a realistic presentation, and often serve as the trigger for predatory fish to strike
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Bassman TW Series Double Willow Blades
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