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Scientific Anglers Sonar Saltwater Intermediate Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Sonar Saltwater Intermediate Fly Line

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Product details

Scientific Anglers' Sonar Saltwater Intermediate Fly Line is a high performance fly line that slowly sinks just below the surface to better present flies such as baitfish patterns to fish holding just below the chop. This warm-water specific fly line is perfect for anglers casting from shore or a boat to saltwater fish in tropical climates. Key Features:

  • Clear Head – As stealthy presentations are key to many of these highly predatory species with acute senses, a clear head gets the fly in the zone without spooking the target.
  • Intermediate Sinking – A slow sinking line gets the fly line just below the water chop to better present flies to feeding fish.
  • Scientific Anglers Line ID system – Allows for quick and easy identification of the line spooled up on the reel.
  • Welded Loops – A welded loop on both ends of the fly line for quick rigging fly line to backing and leader to the fly line with a simple loop-to-loop connection.
  • Tropi-core Technology – This line is specifically designed to stay supple and castable in hot tropical climates and warm water, without getting limp or sticky.
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Scientific Anglers Sonar Saltwater Intermediate Fly Line
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