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Orvis Pro Power Taper Smooth Fly Line

Orvis Pro Power Taper Smooth Fly Line

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Product details

The Orvis Pro Power Taper Smooth Fly Line is a floating linr, a half-size heavier than standard grain weight making it perfect for fast action rods. The taper on this line improves the feel of fast action rods by loading the road quicker and deeper which improves the overall cast. This line excels at casting larger flies and heavy nymph rigs. This line comes in sizes 4-8wt.

Key Features:

  • AST Plus - The AST Plus additives are incorporated throughout the line making it slick, thereby improving performance by increasing the ability of the line to float and cast. It also helps to keep the line clean.
  • Orvis Line ID - The line taper, weight and functionality is printed on the line to allow for quick idendification of the line when swapping spools or changing line.
  • Weld Loops - There is a welded loop on each end of the line making it easier and quicker to attach backing or leader multiple times.
  • Tri-Color Line - The line color changes to help aid in assessing casting distance and remaining line available on the spool.
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Expert product review
Fly Fishing Expert Jacob Jesionek
Review by Curated Expert Jacob Jesionek
The Orvis Pro Power Taper Smooth Fly Line is the line I get when I want to stay under $100 but still want some excellent flotation and castability. It will cover all of one’s float fishing needs, whether dry flies, indicator, or Euro nymph fishing. I can even add a little length of sinking tip to fish streamers higher in the water column.
Casting Ease
A fly fisherman casting into a lake.
Fly line profile for the Orvis Pro Power Taper Smooth Fly Line.
Close up of a fly fishing setup using the Orvis Pro Power Taper Smooth Fly Line.
Orvis Pro Power Taper Smooth Fly Line
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Jesi Scott
Jesi Scott
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Designed for loading faster action, taper design allows for easier turn-over for heavier rigs, will load a rod deeper and quicker than a traditionally weighted line, helping to enhance the feel and improve timing