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Z-Man Hula Stickz

Z-Man Hula Stickz

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Anglers looking for a durable finesse bait will like the Zman's Hula Stickz. At 4", Hula Stickz are a buoyant, soft plastic lure that stands up just off the bottom. The tentacles at the top gently undulate, enticing bass to bite. They can be rigged weedless, or on a small jig head to get them to the bottom quicker and move more water. Made with Elaztech plastic, Hula Stickz are soft yet durable, so they will stand up against heavy cover and multiple fish. Key Features:

  • Enticing Action – The tentacles at the top of the bait gently wave, catching the attention of big bass.
  • Durable – Made with Elaztech, Hula Stickz will hold up against heavy cover and big fish.
  • Color Variety – Coming in multiple colors, these versatile soft plastic lures will match the hatch on any body of water.
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Z-Man Hula Stickz
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Christopher Ferrare
Christopher Ferrare
Verified conventional fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

This is a great option for the NED rig because not only is this bait buoyant but it features a few whisker type tips that give it an interesting presentation resembling a crustacean or worm. For jigging bass, this is a fantastic option when they can be picky and finesse is needed.