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Orvis Split Shot

Orvis Split Shot

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Product details

The Orvis Split Shot is exactly what is needed to get the fly down into those deeper runs. The all-in-one split shot package provides every size needed for general application fly fishing. This is for the fly fisherman who is needing extra weight to get those streamers and nymphs down into the strikezone.

Key Features:

  • Dispenser – The easy-to-use dispenser provided with the split shots allows for quick application on the river, without the worry of losing a weight to the water. The dispenser also rotates for easy shot selection.
  • Double-cut Design – The double-cut design allows for reusing these splitshots over and over, giving it a squeeze with pliers or forceps for an easy release.
  • Naturally Coated Finish – The natural coating, with the mottled texture, prevents hang-ups and allows for descreet presentations to those spooky fish.
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Orvis Split Shot
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Hayden B.
Hayden B.
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

This might seem like a random recommendation, but I cannot stress how important good split shot is for risk management on the water. You can fish without it, but I promise you're going to catch more fish with it. And if you hit the water without it, you'll be wishing you had in your pocket. No matter the stream, you're going to encounter deeper pools and faster riffles. The weight of your fly is only going to get you so deep. Split shot will ensure that your able to fish any condition you encounter on a stream, and not just the areas your flies will allow. I recommend split shot about 6-10" above nymphs (single or drop rig), or dropped below your rig, on anything from small streams to big rivers. Unlike most on the market today, Ovis' non-toxic split shot is made of tin rather than lead, keeping heavy metals out of our waters.

Dave Jenkins
Dave Jenkins
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Split-shot is a vital component of every anglers gear assortment. This allows us to add weight to our rigs and get down in faster water and most importantly down to the fish while nymphing (throwing sub-surface insect patterns). It is great for all nymphing situations. If more weight is needed, simply attach however many bb's you want to get to the desired depth.