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Gambler Lures Stinger

Gambler Lures Stinger

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Product details

The Gambler Lures Stinger is a soft plastic artificial bait that is designed for pitching and flipping. The ribbing of the body traps air and creates a bubble trail as it falls in the water column. The claws produce a seductive motion that triggers strikes. Conventional bass anglers who like to pitch and flip jigs will like this bait.

Key Features:

  • 16 Crawfish Imitating Colors – This bait comes in 16 colors that closely mimic the colors of natural baits.
  • Gambler's BITE Scent – This bait is infused with Gambler's BITE scent to help attract fish and induce strikes.
  • Enticing Bubble Trail – The ribs of this bait trap air and create a bubble trail as it falls through the water.
Fishing type
Lure type
Soft baits
Gambler Lures Stinger
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