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Picasso Aaron Martens Shock Blade Pro

Picasso Aaron Martens Shock Blade Pro

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The Picasso Aaron Martens Shock Blade Pro is a jig that incorporates a speed/chatter blade. This blade creates vibrations, and causes the jig to swim with an erratic and darting motion. Just like a crankbait, this blade will deflect with variations in retrieval speed. A skirt adds to the life-like motion of this jig, and helps to attract fish and induce strikes. Conventional anglers targeting bass would use this jig.

Key Features:

  • O’Shaughnessy Style Hook – This hook will stay sharp and penetrate deep for quality hook ups.
  • 27 Bait Imitating Colors – This jig comes in 27 colors to match natural bait colors.
  • Double Bait Keeper System – This bait keeper system allows soft plastic baits to be securely attached to the shank of the hook.
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Picasso Aaron Martens Shock Blade Pro
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