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Big Bite Baits B5 Line Thru Swimbait

Big Bite Baits B5 Line Thru Swimbait

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Product details

The Big Bite Baits B5 Line Thru Swimbait is soft plastic bait fish imitator swimbait with a unique rigging system. This swimbait has an internal weight system that produces a unique rolling action that attracts fish. Optimal results are achieved when this one oz. lure is fished slowly. Conventional anglers targeting predatory fish would use this lure.

Key Features:

  • Treble Hook Tie In – The line is slipped through this bait and tied in on the hook itself. When fighting a fish, the lure will slide up the line preventing the fish from using the lure as a leverage point to throw the hook.
  • #4 Gamakatsu Treble Hook – The hook is designed to stay sharp for deeper penetration when hooking fish.
  • Eight Color Combinations – This lure comes in eight color combinations so the angler can easily match the lure to the local bait.
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Soft baits
Big Bite Baits B5 Line Thru Swimbait
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