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Douglas SKY Fly Rod · 9' · 7 wt

Douglas SKY Fly Rod · 9' · 7 wt

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Rod length
Line weight
7 wt
10 wt
2 wt
12 wt
4 wt
9 wt
6 wt
3 wt
5 wt
Grip type
Full wells with fighting butt
Reverse half wells
Reverse half wells with fighting butt
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Product details

The Douglas SKY Fly Rod series is a 4 piece, fast action, finely crafted high performance fly rod designed for both fresh and saltwater. This rod is for the more experienced angler looking for a rod that delivers long casts, accuracy and dependability.

Key Features

  • Fast Action – This enables longer more accurate casting.
  • Double Uplocking Reel Seat Rings – This will securely hold the reel to the rod.
  • Rod Tube and Sock – The included sock and aluminum tube will protect the rod when not in use.
  • Lifetime Waranty–These rods are covered by Douglas's lifetime waranty.

Use Cases

  • 3wt 9ft (SKY 3904) is for small streams and creek fishing for trout or smaller pan fish.
  • 4wt 9ft (SKY 4904) is for small streams and creek fishing for trout or smaller pan fish.
  • 5wt 9ft (SKY 5904) is an all round trout rod.
  • 6wt 9ft (SKY 6904) is a good trout rod when fishing larger streams or throwing streamers.
  • 6wt 9ft (SKY 6904) has a fighting butt and is good for smaller saltwater species.
  • 7wt 9ft (SKY 7904) is good for throwing larger flies to larger fish such as bass, steelhead, or even smaller salt water species.
  • 8wt 9ft (SKY 8904) is a good all round saltwater rod for snook, redfish, smaller stripers, and blues.
  • 9wt 9ft (SKY 9904) works well for larger saltwater species as well as salmon and pike.
  • 10wt 9ft (SKY 10904) is a great size for delivering big flies to medium-sized saltwater species like Permit, Barracuda, Albacore, and Tarpon.
  • 12wt 9ft (SKY 12904) is a great rod for larger tarpon or giant trevally.
  • 2wt 10ft (SKY 2104) is a good belly boat trout rod.
  • 3wt 10ft (SKY 3104) is a good belly boat trout rod.
  • 4wt 10ft (SKY 4104) is a good belly boat or high-sticking trout rod.
  • 3wt 11ft (SKY 3114) is a Euro nymphing trout rod.
  • 4wt 11ft (SKY 4114) is good Euro nymphing trout rod.
  • 5wt 11ft 4in (SKY 51144) is a good two handed micro spey rod.
  • 7wt 11ft 4in (SKY 71144) is a larger two handed switch rod for trout and steelhead.
Single hand
Water type
Freshwater and Saltwater
Rod weight (oz.)
Rod material
Carbon fiber, Aluminum
Fly fishing type
Streamers, Stillwater, Saltwater
Fishing type
Fish species
Bass, Bonefish, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Panfish
Fly fishing technique
Nymphs / Wet
SKY 7904
Douglas SKY Fly Rod · 9' · 7 wt
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