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Cobra Women's AIR-X Offset Driver

Cobra Women's AIR-X Offset Driver

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Product details

The Cobra Women's AIR-X Offset Driver is Cobra's lightest driver offering, and is targeted specifically at women golfers who are seeking maximum launch, maximum forgiveness and maximum slice correction. The former two attributes are accomplished by using a higher lofted head (either 11.5 or 15 degrees) and a very low and deep center of gravity, with maximum perimeter weighting. The latter is accomplished with additional heel weighting and an offset head design. The shaft is a 46 gram, high torque offering, that is intended to get the ball up in a hurry, with enhanced kick.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design – A carbon fiber crown and a 46-gram shaft contribute to the overall lighter weight, for faster and easier swings.
  • Effective Slice Correction – An offset clubhead design and additional heel weighting, combined with a higher torque shaft, help to tame a slice.
  • Enhanced Forgiveness and Launch – A low and deep center of gravity and strategic perimeter weighting help to create higher launch and maximum forgiveness on mis-hits.
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Ari T
Ari T
Golf Expert
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The Cobra Women's AIR-X Offset Driver is a great option for the lady golfer looking for a driver that helps avoid a slice and is long and forgiving. The offset makes it easier to release the club and close the face while the hot face makes the ball go far. Good sound and feel. Lighter weight makes it easier to swing faster.

  • Very forgiving
  • Helps fight a slice
  • Hits it a long way
  • Not good for someone with a draw or pull miss
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
What is Cobra's best driver?
Usually I try to shy away from calling something the "best", since that really depends on each use case, however, you may be asking yourself what the best Cobra driver is. Their lower tier model is the Speedzone, as it boasts a wide range of handicaps, as players between scratch players up to 25hcp can enjoy this club and rip balls down the fairway with this bad boy, depending on what variation they buy. Whilst their LTDx drivers are their current flagship models and would be considered better as they have all the newest technology. Being a master fitter for many decades now, I think its always best to get a selection of clubs and try them out yourself. With Curated's playability guarantee this is quite a risk free endeavor and would be the best way for you to figure out what Cobra driver is best for you.
Golf Expert Jay GrahamGolf Expert Andrew Abbott
by Jay Graham on July 19, 2022 · view 1 other answer
Are offset drivers any good?
Offset Drivers are great comfort options. Since the standard length for drivers has gotten longer, an offset club head helps the misses to the right. They are a comfort option and meant to combat the slice.
Golf Expert Michael VGolf Expert Andrew Abbott
by Michael V on July 12, 2022 · view 1 other answer
Does Cobra make an offset driver?
Cobra's offset driver is their Air-X Offset. It is their lightest driver to date at only 277g, and it's lightweight and offset design is set to provide a boost to swing speed and accuracy for straighter and longer drives.
Golf Expert Markos LiapopoulosGolf Expert Michael VGolf Expert Jay Graham
by Markos Liapopoulos on July 9, 2022 · view 2 other answers
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Cobra Women's AIR-X Offset Driver
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