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Temple Fork Outfitters Pro 2 Two-Handed Fly Rod

Temple Fork Outfitters Pro 2 Two-Handed Fly Rod

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Rod length
Line weight
6 - 7 wt.
2 - 3 wt.
3 - 4 wt.
7 - 8 wt.
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Product details

The Temple Fork Outfitters Pro 2 Two-Handed Fly Rod is a budget-friendly rod for an angler looking to get into Spey fly fishing or two-handed casting. The medium to medium-fast action rod is specifically designed to ease the learning curve for those starting to Spey cast. These rods will cover everything from micro-Spey, traditional or classic Spey, and two-handed switch rods applicable to either east or west coasts.

Key Features:

  • Progressive Taper  - This taper makes casting smooth and powerful while being forgiving.
  • High-End Performance Finish  - This will create a clean look while allowing a comfortable day fishing on the river.
  • Oversized Stripping Guides  - This allows the line to easily pass through the guides while casting or fighting a fish.

Use Cases:

  • 2-3wt 11ft (TF 023 110 4 P2) is the micro Spey rod for trout and panfish.
  • 3-4wt 11ft (TF 034 110 4 P2) is a micro Spey rod for trout.
  • 6-7wt 11ft (TF 067 110 4 P2) is a switch rod for steelhead.
  • 6-7wt 12ft6in (TF 067 126 4 P2) is a larger Spey rod useful for steelhead.
  • 7-8wt 11ft6in (TF 078 116 4 P2) is the perfect switch rod for saltwater species.
  • 7-8wt 13ft (TF 078 130 4 P2) is the rod for any anadromous fish both on the east and west coast.
Moderate fast
Fishing type
Rod material
Carbon fiber
Two hand
Water type
Freshwater and Saltwater
Temple Fork Outfitters Pro 2 Two-Handed Fly Rod
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