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Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom 2 Two-Handed Fly Rod

Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom 2 Two-Handed Fly Rod

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The Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom 2 Two-Handed Fly Rod is a medium action multi technique two-handed fly rod. By embedding a double helix of Kevlar in the rod blank, anglers can maintain load and easily cast heavy sink tips, long scandi lines, and indicators or lead. All of these techniques can be done with a shorter lever though, to accommodate medium-sized waters or close quarters, such as fishing out of a boat. This rod allows for "swinging flies", "indicator fishing", and "throwing lead." Switch rod anglers would use this as well. Key Features:

  • Composite Cork Handle – The handle is ergonomically designed while maintaining durability.
  • TFO Lifetime Warranty – These rods come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Large Grain Window – By having a large grain window, this rod is capable of fishing three different two-handed styles. Use Cases:
  • 6wt 11ft (TF 06 110 4 A2) is a switch rod, ideal for steelhead.
  • 7wt 11ft (TF 07 110 4 A2) is a larger switch rod, also useful for steelhead.
  • 8wt 11ft (TF 08 110 4 A2) is the rod for any larger anadromous fish, such as steelhead and salmon, both on the east and west coast.
Water type
Freshwater and Saltwater
Rod material
Carbon fiber
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Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom 2 Two-Handed Fly Rod
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