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Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom II-X Fly Rod

Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom II-X Fly Rod

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Line weight
8 wt.
11 wt.
6 wt.
10 wt.
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12 wt.
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Product details

Temple Fork Outfitters' Axiom 2-X Fly Rod is a great option for intermediate to advanced fly fishermen who are looking for a durable and sensitive rod. Kevlar embedded in the rod blank supports the carbon fibers and adds to the tensile strength of the rod which translates to a significant increase in casting distance and accuracy. The rod is flexible enough to launch fly lines, yet it retains enough power to handle sizeable fish that put up a fight. They offer 8 models from 5wt to 12wt and 3 different sized split grip handles to cover any angler and any techique. Key Features:

  • Kevlar Core - Supported by a unique Kevlar core, the tensile strength of the rod blank will significantly improve casting distance.
  • Split Grip Handles - The rods come with split grip, cork handles in 3 different sizes to accomodate any angler's preference and comfort.
  • High Modulus Carbon Blank - The blank is comprised of composite with a high carbon percentage, making the rod light, sensitive, and durable.
Single hand
Extra fast
Water type
Freshwater and Saltwater
Grip type
Full wells with fighting butt
Rod material
Carbon fiber, Aluminum, Stainless steel
Fly fishing type
Streamers, Stillwater, Saltwater
Fishing type
Fish species
All saltwater species, All freshwater species
Expert product review
Fly Fishing Expert Danny Salinas
Review by Curated Expert Danny Salinas
For intermediate to advanced anglers looking for a light ultra-fast action rod to throw big flies or looking to cut through the wind with ease, this is the rod.
Casting Ease
View of a boat and a fly rod in a body of water.
Temple Fork Outfitters Axiom II-X Fly Rod
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Top reviews
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Tanner Druffel
Tanner Druffel
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

This rod would be awesome for fishing for red drum. A 10 wt would be able to keep up with the bigger ones. A lot of people like to use this size of rod as well for king mackerel and other even tarpon if you go after them. It is a little on the lighter side if you hook into a huuuuge tarpon but you could go as small as a 9wt for tarpon if you really want to and just fight it good all day. This should be a great rod for the red drum and Mackerel.

Chris B
Chris B
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Snappy fast-action rod picks up and chucks line and large flies effortlessly, and recovers/dampens well to fight fish. Great for inshore saltwater species and large freshwater/anadromous fish like Steelhead, Salmon, Pike and Musky.

Nathan Peller
Nathan Peller
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Great for all trout applications and can double as a fly rod for bass if ever you pursue them.