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Orvis Clearwater LA Fly Reel

Orvis Clearwater LA Fly Reel

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Product details

The Orvis Clearwater Reel is a large arbor die–cast reel that has great performance for its price point. This reel is ideal for an entry–level angler, an angler that is on a tight budget but expects decent performance or perhaps an angler that likes to have a spare reel laying around. The reel is lightweight but still has a powerful drag system to put up a good fight when hooked up.

Key Features:

Large Arbor – The large arbor design of the reel makes for quick line retrieval rates, plenty of capacity for backing line and reducing line memory. Easy Conversion – This real can effortlessly convert from left or right hand retrieve to suit the anglers preference or to be easily changeable for guides and their clients.

Use Cases:

  • II (4–6wt) is ideal for the angler with one versatile setup as it will not be too overpowering for smaller fish but can handle a fight against average sized fish.
  • IV (7–9wt) is ideal for anglers that are targeting larger fish and could potentially get into their backing with an aggressive run.
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Orvis Clearwater LA Fly Reel
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Top reviews
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Dave Jenkins
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jan 28, 2022

Great size and not too heavy. This reel is great for those getting into the sport but don't want to break the bank of their first reel but also not feel like they are buying a poor quality reel. Trout fishing and most freshwater fishing scenarios.

Christian Lopez
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Sep 7, 2021

This is a great beginner reel, but also a great reel that will last. Orvis is a very reliable brand. It's very durable, lightweight, and good for small streams or big rivers. It can even handle those trophy browns!

Tellan Lloyd
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Sep 7, 2021

High-quality reel for a great price. Large arbor design with plenty of stopping power. Orvis makes amazing gear in this price range and the Clearwater reel is one of their best deals for the quality.

Austin Wilt
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jan 28, 2022

Smooth, easily adjustable drag, and lightweight build allow you to dial in your drag settings while playing many different sized fish. Pairs well with the 5wt Clearwater Fly Rod.

Tommy Stornant
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jan 28, 2022

This is great for trout/bass/bluegill - just about any species you would be targeting on a 5wt rod.