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Orvis Hydros Spare Spool

Orvis Hydros Spare Spool

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I (1-3 wt)
IV (7-9 wt)
III (5-7 wt)
V (9-11 wt)
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The Curated Take

The Hydros reel from Orvis is altogether a well-designed lightweight reel with a large arbor reel for any freshwater species and some light saltwater use. I really like the versatility, color options, and quality of this reel. If an angler plans on using this in a saltwater situation where the reel could be submerged (surf or beach fishing), extra care should be taken when rinsing the reel after use to avoid performance issues.

Fly Fishing Expert Matt BeamFly Fishing Expert Baily Dent
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Overall ratings
(4.3/5) 3 Expert reviews
  • Models are available for 1-11wt with many color options.
  • Made from highly durable anodized machined aluminum
  • Tight tolerances and smooth drag
  • "Sealed Drag" allowed corrosive saltwater to enter the drag system causing performance issues.
Fly Fishing Expert Matt BeamFly Fishing Expert Baily Dent
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details
Official manufacturer description

The new Orvis Hydros Reel is the result of our own desire to make something great, that much better. We took a best-selling reel and removed unnecessary material to further reduce the weight while stiffening the narrow spool, which minimizes line stacking. We changed the drag knob to be more ergonomically accessible and comfortable to use. We further refined the seal on the sealed drag to protect the clutch bearing in the drag mechanism. We radiused the reel foot as on the Mirage for kink-free leader protection. The sealed drag with stacked carbon and stainless steel disc washers is still one of the strongest in the industry, with zero start-up inertia. Matte type II anodized finish, standard large arbor size which balances better with lighter-weight fly rod, and yet still offers excellent retrieval rates and less line coiling than standard arbor reels. Refinement and improvement are the hallmarks of quality. Matte black with silver accents, matte silver with charcoal accents.


· Refined, lighter weight large arbor fly reel

· Improved fully-sealed drag clutch bearing

· Radiused reel foot for kink-free leader protection

· Ergonomically improved, easy to use drag knob

· Zero start-up inertia

· Excellent retrieval rates and less line coiling

· Hydros I for line weights 1-3; 4.7 oz, 3.1” in diameter.

· Hydros II for line weights 3-5; 5.0 oz, 3.4” in diameter.

· Hydros III for line weights 5-7; 5.5 oz, 3.7” in diameter.

· Hydros IV for line weights 7-9; 6.6 oz, 4” in diameter.

· Hydros V for line weights 9-11; 7.7 oz, 4.25” in diameter.

Expert Reviews
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Matt Beam
Matt Beam
Fly Fishing Expert
1,088 customers helped
Matt Beam tested this product

The Orvis Hydros fly reel is a fantastic reel, especially for freshwater applications. It’s super light construction along with super larger arbor allows for all day fishing and a super quick line retrieval. The Orvis Hydros fly reel is perfect for fly fishers who euro nymph with longer fly rods and need a light reel with larger arbor. It’s a mid priced reel and balances out longer fly rods really well. The finish of the reel tends to scratch easily. The drag is limited on lock down power for saltwater fish that pull a lot of line off the reel in one big burst.

  • High performance
  • High speed line retrieval
  • Multiple size applications or freshwater and saltwater
  • Low durability finish
  • Drag Issues
  • Limited Drag power for saltwater fish
Baily Dent
Baily Dent
Fly Fishing Expert
146 customers helped
Baily Dent tested this product

This product is great for anglers who are looking for a fun yet high performing reel with a ton of stopping power at a great price. These reels have 14 lbs of pressure when the drag is fully engaged so you can stop even the largest of game fish with this guy. The large arbor means you'll have faster line pick up which again is a huge bonus when dealing with bigger fish that like to run line. The reel is fully sealed so its maintenance free and can be used on both saltwater or fresh. Be careful with this reel though as it will scratch up very easily. It is unfortunately made in China also. But it is covered by the Orvis lifetime warranty if anything serious does happen to it. It comes in a wide range of fun colors!

  • Fully sealed Drag.
  • Drag is super strong, 14lbs when fully engaged.
  • Comes in super cool colors.
  • Does scratch easily.
  • Made in China.
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Orvis Hydros Spare Spool
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