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Orvis Helios™ 3D Fly Rod · 9' · 9 wt

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Baily Dent, Fly Fishing Expert
Joseph Smith, Fly Fishing Expert
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Best for advanced anglers seeking long-distance, accurate casts and reduced arm fatigue.

Great for
  • SensitivityEasy to feel the rod load and cast.
  • PerformanceUnmatched power and accuracy, quick recovery.
  • CastabilityEasily makes very long distance casts.
  • Casting easeShortens the learning curve for beginners.
  • AccuracyOffers pin-point accuracy on longer casts.
  • QualityHigh-end rod with a 25 year warranty.
Good for
  • VersatilitySuitable for any level angler, but best for advanced.
Avoid for
  • DurabilityDelicate, breaks easily, guides prone to damage.
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The Orvis Helios 3D is a top of the line rod that excels at being extremely accurate at long distance casts and has the backbone to fight the most aggressive fish and cast into the windiest conditions with ease. Although it is a very powerful rod, it can still present flies on a dime. This impressive rod series is offered in a wide range of sizes from a 4 weight to a 12 weight and would not be suitable for an entry level angler (this rod is for the experienced angler).

Key Features:

  • Helios 3 Technology – This is an extremely technically designed rod blank with strength that produces quick recovery rates and increased line speed. It is known for its durability and vibration dampening technology that produces extreme accuracy at great distances.
  • Fast Action – The fast action of this rod allows for the angler to load the rod and get efficient and accurate casts where they need to go no matter the casting conditions.
  • Full Well Grip – The 4-6 weight rods come in full wells and the 7-12 weight rods come in full wells with a fighting butt to allow strength when the battle is on.
  • Artis Collab – The 9’ 8 weight comes in an option to have a custom artis collab.

Use Cases:

  • 9’ 4wt / 9’ 5wt / 9’ 6wt are suitable for casting at around 50+ feet, while covering medium to large waters and typically targeting trout, smallmouth bass and average size fish.
  • 9’ 7wt / 9’ 8 wt are suitable for casting at around 75+ feet especially in wind and targeting larger trout, steelhead, salmon, largemouth bass and smaller saltwater species.
  • 10’ 7wt this option has the extra foot in length, which can be helpful to cover even more water. This is advantageous for anglers who are often seated while casting and also provides extra line control when mending and high sticking while nymphing.
  • 9’ 9wt / 9’ 10 wt / 9’ 11 wt / 9’ 12 wt these sizes will be most successful when targeting large fish and most saltwater species such as permit, tarpon, barracuda, etc. They will perform effortlessly even when casting 100+ feet and are designed to cover a lot of water whether from a boat or from shore.
Curated, Fishing Expert
Rylyn S., Fly Fishing Expert
Andrew Grandemange, Fly Fishing Expert
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4.96 average rating

Rod length9'0"
Line weight9 wt
StyleSingle hand
Water typeFreshwater and Saltwater
Grip typeFull wells with fighting butt
Rod materialAluminum
Fly fishing typeStreamers, Saltwater
Fishing typeFly
Fish speciesBonefish, Bass

Baily Dent owns this product
This rod is great for any level angler. The amount of feel and ease of casting this rod means it will shorten the learning curve for beginning anglers because of how easy it is to feel the rod load and get their cast dialed in. At the same time, the amount of performance this rod offers is out of this... Read more
Ideal for
  • Easily makes very long distance casts
  • Pin point accuracy on longer casts
  • The warranty program makes it easy to have a rod repaired in days.
Not ideal for
  • To achieve the sensitivity in this rod it is more delicate than other rods and will break fairly easily
  • All the guides fold down except the bottom guide, they will break if bent
  • This is still a little stiff for the finer presentation of dry flies.
Reviewed by:
Baily Dent
Fly Fishing Expert
Joseph Smith owns this product
The Orvis Helios 3D is a high-end rod that lets fly fishing anglers make long, accurate casts and punch through strong winds with reduced arm fatigue. The rod has a strong power that allows larger flies to be cast for distance while still turning them over with accurate presentations.
Ideal for
  • This is a fast action line designed for casting distance.
  • Made with dampening blanks, this rod has a quick recovery period.
  • This rod comes with a 25 year warranty.
Not ideal for
  • This rod is designed for more advanced anglers.
Reviewed by:
Joseph Smith
Fly Fishing Expert

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Awesome 5 wt fly rod!

Posted on Feb 17, 2024
I got this on sale since the new Orvis Helios has been released. Unbeatable price and super fast delivery. The buying experience and the quality of the product exceeded my expectations.
EdLocation: Virginia
I would recommend to a friend
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Power and precision. What more could you want

Originally posted at www.orvis.com on Feb 5, 2024
Exquisite. Small and medium rivers in Patagonia. Everything that is needed. With Río single hand it is also delicate!!! It surpassed my Winston #4, incredible.
Fast TroutLocation: Miami Fl, Patagonia, ARG
I would recommend to a friend
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Really great experience
5 /5
Danny is very knowledgeable about fly fishing while still being approachable and easy going. He answers questions in a straightforward and honest way without applying any pressure to make a sale. In my case, i truly felt like he wanted me to get the best gear at the best price.
Joe Verified CustomerDec 23, 2023
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Excellent buying experience with Captain Mark.
5 /5
I bought an open box Orvis fishing rod and it was at a great price. The condition of the rod and the shipping time exceeded my expectations. The information I received from Capt. Mark was accurate and helpful. I would definitely buy from Curated again.
Ed A Verified CustomerDec 15, 2023
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Matt was very helpful for a newbie!!
5 /5
I wanted to purchase gifts for my husband and son as they are slowly getting into fly fishing. Matt was really helpful in taking a look at what they already have and made excellent recommendations on what they need. I cannot wait to look like a superhero and see the joy on my son’s face with a big thanks to Matt!!
Kasi Verified CustomerDec 14, 2023
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Good Dude
5 /5
Helped me with some valuable fly fishing knowledge that I lack coming from the conventional fishing world. Hooked me up with a good starter rod and even price matched it with another company. Will be coming back for a reel soon.
Ethan S Verified CustomerMar 18, 2024
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Awesome Deal
5 /5
Been fly fishing for yrs. Thought I would finally buy a dedicated streamer rod. Reached out to Matt on social media site and started asking questions. Told him what I was looking for and did t want to break the bank. Showed me his choices
Brett R Verified CustomerJan 19, 2024
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Danny Knows What’s Worth It For You
5 /5
Danny was nothing but helpful. He helped navigate some difficult product descriptions and verified details about products that are difficult to understand from online images and product descriptions. Thanks, Danny. Cheers!
Matthew Verified CustomerDec 27, 2023
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Super Helpful!
5 /5
Matt helped me navigate my options for purchasing my first rod and reel to start my endeavor into fly fishing. I feel much more confident in having made a good decision on what gear I should purchase. His expertise was much appreciated.
William Verified CustomerJan 12, 2024
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