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POC Ventral Air MIPS Helmet

POC Ventral Air MIPS Helmet

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The POC Ventral is one of my favorite helmets. It is a stylish aerodynamic helmet and would be a step up from a basic helmet. The massive ladybug helmet is in style right now and I really like the AVIP orange color that POC claims can be seen over 1 mile away. The helmet also has small things like an area to store your bug-eyed POC sunglasses when you are climbing up a mountain. Some models have a sensor to tell your loved ones if you crash.

The last helmet I had was the Giro Aeon which is an older lightweight helmet. This helmet is much more aerodynamic and you can feel it dragging less in the wind. However, all aero helmets are a little heavier and not as cool as the Aeon but now aero is everything, so this is the direction the industry is going.

The POC is good for road racer that wants to look cool and want an aerodynamic edge.

Cycling Expert Adam L.Cycling Expert Jacob Cummings
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Overall ratings
(4.7/5) 3 Expert reviews
  • Stylish helmet with advanced protection such as MIPS or SPIN
  • Super aerodynamic helmet with many cooling vents
  • Best for racing, fast hammer head rides, and stylish riding
  • The helmet is not the lightest helmet but most aero helmets are not featherweights
  • The color started to fade after a year. The orange is not as orange as it was and one can see the white under
  • The SPIN insert did not last as long. So it will need replacing
Cycling Expert Adam L.Cycling Expert Jacob Cummings
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details
Official manufacturer description

Our new performance helmet is designed to deliver coolness in ways like never before. With precise ventilation ports and internal channels to control air intake and release at both low and high speeds, the helmet provides a supreme cooling effect over the whole head. Ideal for long rides in the mountains or hotter days in the saddle. The Ventral Air Mips works to enhance a rider's aerodynamic profile and minimize drag. Specific airflow zones enhance ventilation and cooling, while the aerodynamically optimized trailing edge reduces turbulence. The exceptionally lightweight road cycling helmet has been developed according to POC's Whole Helmet Concept™. It features a fully wrapped unibody shell construction and an EPS liner, delivering an ideal balance between weight and safety. The addition of Mips enhances rotational impact protection. Practical features include a lightweight size adjustment system that guarantees a personalized fit, and an eye garage for easy and secure storage of eyewear mid-ride.

Men's, Women's, Unisex
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Shell material
Certification - EN 1078
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360° adjustment system
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EPS Liner
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Jacob Cummings
Jacob Cummings
Cycling Expert
63 customers helped
Jacob Cummings owns this product

I looked at this helmet once and decided that it's one of my favorite helmet designs of all time. it's just so simple and beautiful to look at on top of feeling like one of the most ventilated helmets I've ever worn. The POC Ventral MIPS also has a shell around all of the exposed foam making it a decent option for commuting because it can take small bumps and drops without getting too banged up.

The cost of the helmet is really the only prohibitive thing which is frustrating because there's so many options out there that offer similar features for almost one third of the cost. That said, it's my favorite helmet by design.

  • Gorgeous compact design feels great to wear.
  • Massive ventilation.
  • MIPS provides protection from rotational trauma.
  • not quite as easy to adjust as other helmets.
Adam L.
Adam L.
Cycling Expert
7,429 customers helped
Adam L. owns this product

The POC Ventral Air MIPS is a high-performance helmet for riders who demand the most out of their gear. It is lightweight, well-ventilated, and aerodynamic, making it the perfect helmet for racing or intense group rides. It also has signature POC features like comfortable strap connectors and glasses integration, which are small but important aspects of an excellent helmet.

  • Aerodynamic profile saves watts
  • Ample ventilation helps dump heat
  • MIPS system protects the brain in a crash
  • POC's distinctive design is not everyone's favorite
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
Is POC helmet good?
POC helmets are some of the safest and best looking helmets on the markets today. They have models for road, gravel, and mountain bike cyclists.
Cycling Expert Adam L.Cycling Expert Jacob CummingsCycling Expert Mikael Hanson
by Adam L. on July 5, 2022 · view 2 other answers
POC is a protection brand that makes protective gear for sports. POC helmets often incorporate MIPS technology. MIPS makes helmet safety systems that are used by over 140 other brands. Helmets with MIPS have a low friction layer inside of the helmet that moves 10-15mm on certain angled impacts to help reduce the rotational forces on the head. Some helmets by POC use MIPS technology but not all of their products have it.
Cycling Expert Gunnar OCycling Expert Adam L.Cycling Expert Jacob Cummings
by Gunnar O on July 2, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Is POC spin the same as MIPS?
POC spin is the poc version of MIPS. MIPs is a syastem inside if the helmet that proctects your head in a crash and is worth the money.
Cycling Expert Connor HoganCycling Expert Gunnar OCycling Expert Rob G.
by Connor Hogan on July 1, 2022 · view 2 other answers
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POC Ventral Air MIPS Helmet
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