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POC Tectal Race MIPS Helmet

POC Tectal Race MIPS Helmet

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The POC Tectal is great for long days in the saddle out in the woods with your friends charging down big trails. With its stylish yet practical design, you're sure to feel cool, secure, and protected. The well-designed retention system fits snugly to your skull all while not being too overbearing, maintaining good blood flow around the head.

Cycling Expert Jacob CummingsCycling Expert Mason Arora
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Overall ratings
(4.6/5) 3 Expert reviews
  • The cool design keeps the head cool on hot days.
  • Excellent head retention straps.
  • Feels secure without cutting off circulation
  • Velcro-stickers keeping cushions in place can slip
Cycling Expert Jacob CummingsCycling Expert Mason Arora
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details
Official manufacturer description

The Tectal Race MIPS remains at the forefront of protection for all kinds of mountain bikers. One of the first helmets to adopt an extended shell design for extra protection across more of the head, the helmet has now been updated to include Mips for increased rotational impact protection.

Developed using POC's Whole Helmet Concept™, the helmet delivers superior levels of comfort, fit and performance, for extra safety on the trails. An aramid bridge molded to the helmet liner enhances structural integrity and improves penetration protection, so you can ride with confidence even under low tree branches.

The helmet's ventilation design has been tested and perfected in a wind tunnel, ensuring the helmet delivers lightweight, reliable protection while keeping you cool no matter how hard you push on the trails.

Mips Integra

The latest technology from brain protection specialists Mips enhances rotational impact protection.

RECCO® Reflector

A RECCO® Reflector helps rescue services easily and quickly locate you if something goes wrong.

EPS Liner

A lightweight EPS liner gives optimized protection.

Aramid Bridges

Aramid bridges are molded to the helmet liner to enhance structural stability and improve penetration protection.

Unibody Shell

The unibody PC shell enhances the structural integrity of the helmet

Adjustable 360° fit

A 360° adjustment system makes it easy to find a secure, comfortable fit.

Wind-tunnel tested ventilation

The helmet's ventilation has been optimized in a wind tunnel for maximum efficiency.

Adjustable peak

The helmet peak can be adjusted for personalized protection from the elements.

Extended protection

Extended zones around the temples and back of the head give extra protection in risk areas.

Men's, Women's, Unisex
Age Group
Bike type
Shell material
Unibody polycarbonate with aramid bridge
Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older, EN1078, AS/NZ 2063:2008
Fit system
ratcheting dial
Helmet Construction
Model year
Expert Reviews
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Mason Arora
Mason Arora
Cycling Expert
53 customers helped
Mason Arora tested this product

This product is for the avid mountain bike rider or racer that likes to point it downhill. This helmet is made for comfort and superior protection when ripping through the woods. The ventilation is adequate for most situations and the padding wicks sweat off of the users forehead. This helmet will not disappoint anyone that wants superior protection.

  • The Dial on the back makes this helmet extremely adjustable.
  • Protection is best in class.
  • Mips Technology.
  • The white color shows scuffs.
  • The design of the helmet may squeeze people with wider heads
Jacob Cummings
Jacob Cummings
Cycling Expert
63 customers helped
Jacob Cummings owns this product

I was looking for a higher end mountain bike helmet but couldn't justify to myself spending more than $150. But I knew that I wanted a visor, MIPS and something that I felt good about wearing not only because it looks good but is also lightweight. I got a chance to try on my friend's Tectal and decided I really liked the way it seems to hug my head more than all the road bike helmets I'm used to wearing. I think the full coverage in the back is smart too, because so many mountain bike accidents can involve some unexpected tumbles. I would recommend this helmet to anyone who's serious about riding and wants to feel happier about their helmet.. I'm just simply happy with mine.

  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Full coverage in the back of the head and MIPS.
  • Lightweight and classic styling.
  • Slightly larger profile than some other options I considered gives it bulkier feel.
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
How do you fit a POC helmet?
The best way to fit a POC helmet is to measure your head. Using that measurement, consult the POC sizing chart to determine which size will fit you best.
Cycling Expert Adam L.Cycling Expert Mikael HansonCycling Expert Jacob Cummings
by Adam L. on July 5, 2022 · view 2 other answers
How do you adjust the visor on POC Tectal?
The POC Tectal helmet has an adjustable visor. When looking at the visor from the front, you can see toward the top there is a circular dial. Turn the dial counterclockwise until it loosens enough for the visor to move freely. Adjust the visor to your preferences while turning the dial clockwise to secure the visor to the helmet.
Cycling Expert Jacob CummingsCycling Expert Adam L.Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
by Jacob Cummings on July 4, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Does the POC Tectal race spin have MIPS?
The POC Tectal Race SPIN utilizes the POC SPIN safety system. SPIN uses pads inside of the helmet that shear to reduce the forces transferred to the head by an oblique impact. SPIN stands for Shearing Pads INside. On the other hand, The POC Tectal Race MIPS utilizes MIPS technology to reduce the rotational impact during a crash. MIPS helmets utilize a low friction layer inside of the helmet that moves 10-15mm on certain angled impacts to help reduce the rotational forces on the head. POC uses MIPS in some of their helmets as well as SPIN in older models. The POC Tectal Race SPIN does not have MIPS but the POC Tectal Race MIPS does have MIPS.
Cycling Expert Gunnar OCycling Expert Adam L.Cycling Expert Chris Snider
by Gunnar O on July 2, 2022 · view 2 other answers
POC Tectal Race MIPS Helmet
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