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Odyssey Women's White Hot OG #1 Wide S Stroke Lab Putter

Odyssey Women's White Hot OG #1 Wide S Stroke Lab Putter

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Product details

The Odyssey Women's White Hot OG #1 Wide S Stroke Lab Putter is built for female golfers that have moderate face rotation and arc in their putting stroke. The wide blade, slant neck hosel, and toe hang make this a great option. The putter has been designed with shorter shaft lengths, and smaller golf grips, intentionally designed for female golfers. One timeless technology inside this putter is the White Hot putter face insert that will offer more feel and performance benefits for the golfer. The putter is also equipped with brand new tech in the Red Stroke Lab Shaft that allows the golfer to build great tempo in their putting stroke to hit more putts solidly each time.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Women – The length of shafts and smaller golf grips are built for female golfers.
  • New Shaft Tech – The Red Stroke Lab Shaft builds great tempo in the putting stroke to hit putts more solidly each time.
  • Highest Performing Face Insert – The trusted and highest performing face insert in golf allows the golfer to have more feel and performance in their putting stroke.
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Odyssey Women's White Hot OG #1 Wide S Stroke Lab Putter
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Tony Puglielli
Tony Puglielli
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

The blade putter is recommended for players that have an arced swing and lighter more balanced feel.

Paul Eisenstein
Paul Eisenstein
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Mallet putters are usually face balanced, but pistol style will help get your putter face closed at impact.