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Odyssey White Hot OG #1 Wide S Putter

Odyssey White Hot OG #1 Wide S Putter

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The Curated Take

I've always been a blade user. However, during the beginning of the golf season or when the stroke is struggling, I've always looked for something to give me slightly more forgiveness without the larger mallet look. This seems to have bridged the gap for me. The white hot insert feels very solid off the face and hot enough on longer putts for me to feel comfortable. I also love the simplicity of this putter. It makes a ton of sense that Odyssey decided to bring this insert back while only slightly changing the body of this putter.

Golf Expert Ari T
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Overall ratings
(4.4/5) 3 Expert reviews
  • Great blend of a mallet and a blade putter
  • Gives confidence at address without being a full mallet
  • Simple alignment helps line up putts
  • Does not look as traditional as a normal blade putter
Golf Expert Ari T
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

The Odyssey White Hot OG #1 Wide S Putter provides the feel, the sound and the performance that golfers are looking for in a putter. The wide version of the OG #1 is a great option for the golfer who likes a bigger club head to help improve confidence and to provide extra forgiveness. The rich silver PVD finish adds that extra touch to the White Hot face insert to give it a clean and attractive look of a milled putter. The multi-material Stroke Lab shaft will help stabilize the golfer's putting stroke.

Key Features:

  • Wide Blade – This design will help the golfer get more forgiveness on each stroke while gaining more confidence when addressing the ball.
  • White Hot Face Insert – The most played and highest performing face insert in golf; Is great for golfers of all skills to improve.
  • Silver PVD Finish – This milled finish provides a soft and attractive looking finish for the golfer.
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Expert Reviews
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Ari T
Ari T
Golf Expert
6,594 customers helped
Ari T owns this product

The Odyssey White Hot OG #1 Wide S Putter is a very forgiving wider blade option with one of the most successful, best feeling inserts in the history of golf. Wider head adds forgiveness and alignment properties. White Hot insert makes it feel great and adds forgiveness by removing weight from the center. A classic twist on the classic blade putter with extra forgiveness. Great for someone who likes a wider putter but does not like a rounder mallet shape.

  • Great soft feel
  • Wider head is more forgiving
  • Added alignment
  • Not for someone looking for a slim blade
David Miller
David Miller
Golf Expert
121 customers helped
David Miller tested this product

This putter, which I've had in my bag for many months now, has been the solution to my problems. I've always loved playing with a blade putter but due to their nature, they are not very forgiving. Thankfully, this sits in the middle of a blade and a mallet. It is also forgiving (enough). For example, I noticed major improvement on my longer putts which was exactly what I was looking for. Overall, if you like blades and can't get yourself to play a mallet, but are still looking for that forgiveness, this may be a great option for you.

  • Feels hot off the face
  • Is more forgiving than a traditional blade-type putter
  • Great for those looking for a hybrid type putter
  • May be too thick at address for traditional blade enthusiasts
  • Grip is smaller and lacks alignment help that Superstroke or other larger grips give.
  • Some may complain that the putter is too hot off the face.
Odyssey White Hot OG #1 Wide S Putter
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