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Cobra King Snakebite ONE Length Wedge

Cobra King Snakebite ONE Length Wedge

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The Cobra King Snakebite ONE Length Wedge is designed for the golfer seeking a repeatable swing. The One Length design will provide more consistency and confidence in each swing. The wedge will also be more accurate around the green for precise feel.

Key Features:

  • Full Face Grooves – A groove design helps players achieve maximum spin performance with an open face.
  • Versatile Grind – This grind will help move through all types of turfs and shots creating an extremely versatile wedge.
  • Snakebite Tech – This smart-engineered design allows for maximum groove volume, promoting optimal spin.
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Does Cobra make good wedges?
You may have recently been bit with the golf fever, or have been fending off the fix until now, but are looking for good wedges. Well, as the Golf Warrior, I think it's very important to have the right weapon for the job, especially if you want to rip across the golf course. Cobra, is one of the premier brands in golf, making clubs that I myself as well as my students have come to love. Their Snakebite ONE Length Wedge is an interesting design, as it is inspired by Bryson DeChambeau's set that is all comprised of 7 iron length clubs. If you are interested in something like that, this club is an excellent choice, as it will help you keep your swing fixed, without having to adjust for each club. All in all, I think Cobra makes good wedges, and this is one of them.
Golf Expert Jay GrahamGolf Expert Andrew Abbott
by Jay Graham on July 21, 2022 · view 1 other answer
What degree is a Cobra one length Pitching Wedge?
The Cobra one Length clubs are modeled after the idea that Bryson DeChambaeu came up with, where the clubs are all the same length. This begs the question of what loft their Pitching Wedge may be. It is 41.5 degrees and a 62 degree lie angle. This is a little unusual for a Pitching Wedge, however remember that all the clubs in this set are your 7 iron length. In short, the loft of the Cobra One Length PW is 41.5 degrees.
Golf Expert Jay GrahamGolf Expert Jared T.Golf Expert Nick sinclair
by Jay Graham on July 19, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Does Cobra make a one length sand wedge?
Cobra offers a very interesting technology known as one length. This applies to sand wedges as well as their irons. This one length sand wedge is designed at 37.5" to go along with the other one length clubs. In short, yes, Cobra makes a one length sand wedge.
Golf Expert Jay GrahamGolf Expert Nick sinclairGolf Expert Michael V
by Jay Graham on July 19, 2022 · view 2 other answers
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Cobra King Snakebite ONE Length Wedge
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Joshua Brandau
Joshua Brandau
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Golfers looking to get through the shot with ease and feel. The face of this wedge is grippy with great control and great spin. The natural feel to this wedge makes it easy to make your swing with confidence.