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Inesis 100 7-Piece Complete Golf Set · Right Handed · Graphite · Light · Undersize · Black

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Color: Black
Dominant hand
Left handed
Right handed
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The Inesis 100 7-Piece Complete Golf Set is an affordable set to start getting into the game of golf. Few sets can get players on the course with their friends for such a budget-friendly price. The clubs are made to be forgiving and to help new golfers learn the game by creating clubs that are meant to help get the ball off of the ground, which is often a big first step when picking up golf for the first time.

Key Features:

  • Seven-club Set – Driver, 22-degree hybrid, 6/7 iron, 8/9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and a mallet-style putter
  • Lightweight Graphite Shafts – Includes graphite shafts in all of the clubs and either in a standard or an undersized height option
  • Starter-Friendly – Clubs come with a comfortable grip and are designed with offset in the clubs to provide beginners forgiveness through impact as they learn to make constant consistently

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Answered by 4 Experts
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How comfortable and durable is the stand bag included with the Inesis 100 7-Piece Complete Golf Set?

This golf set comes with 7 golf clubs, but does not include a bag. The set is perfect for someone who is new to golf and looking for something to start to learn at an affordable price. Unfortunately, you will have to buy a bag but it can be something small and affordable too. Consult your expert to see what works best.
Answered by:
Christopher Thompson
Golf Expert

What clubs are included in the Inesis 100 7-Piece Complete Golf Set, and are they high quality?

With this set, you get a driver, 22 degree lofted hybrid, 6/7 iron, 8/9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and a mallet-style putter. They are beginner clubs designed with forgiveness for the beginner golfer. The 7 club layout can make it easier for the beginner as well, with less options to choose from when learning the game. These clubs are durable as well, and will certainly get a beginner good practice in the sport.
Answered by:
Dylan B
Golf Expert

Is the Inesis 100 7-Piece Complete Golf Set suitable for beginners, or is it better suited for intermediate or advanced golfers?

This is a half set of clubs (every other club) intended for beginners that want to get out on the course and have a club for every shot. This is a minimal option for beginners seeking a forgiving, inexpensive option to get out on the course with and enjoy themselves.
Answered by:
Jeremy Brown
Golf Expert

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Bobby was Amazing!!!
5 /5
Bobby helped me through every step with options and answers for every question I had. Never pushy, but got me to buy this set earlier than I wanted too because he made me feel comfortable and confident Highly recommend Bobby and curated.com if you want a great deal on a quality product
Marc Verified CustomerSep 22, 2023
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Very efficient and thorough
5 /5
Instead of just asking for measurements and experience Bobby was more thorough and asked how dedicated i am, what kind of playing i do and things that most overlook. Took the time to send a video explaining the clubs he recommended for me and gave me two great options based on the information. i was having a hard time finding clubs on my own and if not for Bobby specifically i probably would have gave up and kept renting low quality clubs. Definitely a great experience and i’m excited to really start honing my golfing skills. Thanks Bobby.
chandan Verified CustomerSep 20, 2023
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Helped by:
Andrew was so kind and helpful!
5 /5
I am brand new at golf. The most experience I have revolves around playing at TopGolf. I decided I wanted to take on golfing as a more serious hobby, but I had no idea how to start. Andrew answered my questions and took his time explaining my options to me. Greatly appreciated!
Mariana Verified CustomerSep 20, 2023
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Helped by:
Greatest Experience!
5 /5
Ted was in a hurry to be methodical! Didn't attempt to push a particular model, brand or style. Wasn't interested in rushing my decision, and was unbelievably patient with my thoughts, questions, concerns and curiosities. He took his time to incorporate my inconsistencies and issues with my game to recommend types, lofts, angles, fact types, etc so that I had a cart with only pertinent and relevant items in it. Then to top it off, found every discount and reduction available to ensure I had the lowest cost per item and overall, for my cart. What more could anyone hope for??!! Cannot recommend Ted highly enough and I hope anyone reading this gets to work with him on their purchases! Thank you for the time, energy, effort and patience Ted!
Will Verified CustomerSep 19, 2023
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Ryan was fantastic!
5 /5
Ryan was very supportive and helpful! He allowed me to get comfortable with my choice and take the time to make sure I was financially ready. I don’t really like big purchases so his willingness to work with my timetable was awesome. I greatly appreciate his support and assistance!
Kennedy Verified CustomerSep 19, 2023
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