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Arbor Cypress Snowboard Bindings · 2023 · M/L · Dark Blue

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Color: Dark Blue
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I have ridden these bindings on a slew of Arbor's boards including the Coda in the rocker and camber option, the Clovis, the Annex, the Wasteland, the Crosscut, the Bryan Iguchi, and this last time on the Draft camber. It definitely fits best in the way that it rides on the more all mountain, pow, or freeride options from Arbor, but still did well on the Draft. The base they use on their binding has a full rubber gasket under the frame in an X pattern that provides really good shock absorbtion and a little bit of flex around the disc to minimize any dead spot that bindings can cause in the flex of the board. The straps held great on the toe and the ankle straps are some of the most comfortable on the market. The ankle straps have an asymetric build that can be used to make them feel stiffer or softer. Out of the box, they come in the softer setup. All that needs to be done to stiffen them up a little bit, is to swap them between the bindings. So simply put the left ankle strap on the right binding and vice versa. The highbacks have an nice curved shape to them that helps to even out the pressure up top, but they are a little taller than I typically like. They're moderately stiff but not overbearing and they never felt like they were in my way, even when buttering around on the softer Draft.

Ideal for
  • Great for boards in the all mountain up to freeride categories
  • Smooth feel underfoot
  • Great response while maintaining good board feel and natural board flex
Not ideal for
  • Highback is on the tall side and could cause bite

The Arbor Cypress Snowboard Bindings are designed for freeride enthusiasts who crave a little more excitement in their runs. With a powerful System X Baseplate that has been stiffened with double the fiberglass, these bindings offer unparalleled stability and control. The highback is lighter, stiffer, and more laterally supportive than ever before, while the outsole has been beefed up to provide maximum performance on big mountains at high speeds.

Key Features:

  • Stiff System X Baseplate: The exclusive System X Baseplate has been stiffened with double the fiberglass to provide unmatched stability and control.
  • Lightweight Highback: The highback is lighter than previous models while still being stiffer and more laterally supportive for improved performance.
  • Beefed Up Outsole: The outsole has been beefed up to provide maximum performance on big mountains at high speeds.
  • Freeride Design: These bindings are specifically designed for freeride enthusiasts who crave a little more excitement in their runs.
  • Unparalleled Stability and Control: With a powerful baseplate and lightweight yet supportive highback, these bindings offer unparalleled stability and control on any terrain.
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