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Callaway Mavrik Irons · Right handed · Steel · Stiff · 5-PW

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Callaway Universal Men's 51g
Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Soft
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By the Expert Community
  1. Increased distance: The Callaway Mavrik irons are designed to provide maximum distance and ball speed. They feature a unique Flash Face Cup technology that helps increase ball speed across the face of the club, resulting in longer shots.
  2. Improved accuracy: The Mavrik irons also feature a Tungsten Energy Core that helps position the center of gravity (CG) low and deep in the clubhead. This can help golfers hit higher, more accurate shots with a steeper descent angle.
  3. Enhanced feel and sound: The Mavrik irons feature a urethane microsphere technology that helps absorb unwanted vibrations and improve feel and sound at impact. This can help golfers feel more confident and comfortable with their shots.
  4. High-quality construction: The Mavrik irons are made from high-quality materials, including a 360 Face Cup and a tungsten-infused head. This makes them both durable and forgiving, which can help golfers hit better shots and enjoy their game more.

For me personally I was blown away by the immediate change in distance these irons provided. I started by hitting a 7 iron 205 3 times in a row and after trying a few of the other clubs in the set I knew these had to be mine.

Ideal for
  • Forgiveness
  • Launch
Not ideal for
  • Workability

The Callaway Mavrik Iron is the newest game improvement offering from Callaway designed for mid to high handicap players looking for improved ball speed and forgiveness.

Key Features:

  • Flash Face Cup Technology - With the use of artificial intelligence, face architecture is unique to every loft to boost ball speed and optimize spin.

  • Tungsten Energy Core - Tungsten weighting in the iron allows the CG (center of gravity) to be placed to optimize launch and spin.

  • Urethane Microspheres - Callaway‚ patented urethane microspheres absorb vibrations to improve the sound and feel at impact.

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5.0 average rating

Russell Gardner owns this product
1. Increased distance: The Callaway Mavrik irons are designed to provide maximum distance and ball speed. They feature a unique Flash Face Cup technology that helps increase ball speed across the face of the club, resulting in longer shots. 2. Improved accuracy: The Mavrik irons also feature a Tungsten Energy Core that helps position the center of gravity (CG) low and... Read more
Ideal for
  • Forgiveness
  • Launch
Not ideal for
  • Workability
Reviewed by:
Russell Gardner
Golf Expert
Vincent P. owns this product
The Callaway Mavrik Irons are some of the best game improvement irons that Callaway has made. The clubs have very large sweet spots, a large sole, and a lot of offset. These qualities are ideal for improving forgiveness and distance. As a result, the Callaway Mavrik Irons would be best for new golfers or ones with high handicaps. These clubs... Read more
Ideal for
  • New golfers wanting forgiveness
  • Increasing Distances
  • Correcting mishits
Not ideal for
  • No Workability
  • Very large club heads
Reviewed by:
Vincent P.
Golf Expert
Ari T tested this product
The Callaway Mavrik irons are long, forgiving, and easy to use. They launch high and carry forever. Most players will add distance with these clubs. They have a nice solid feel. A larger club head with offset is not for the better player. They are a great value right now. I would highly recommend... Read more
Ideal for
  • Very long
  • Very forgiving
  • Very easy to launch
Not ideal for
  • Not for the better player
Reviewed by:
Ari T
Golf Expert
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Answered by 11 Experts
5.0 average rating

Can you share a story of a happy purchaser whom you recommended this product to?

A customer of mine purchased this set of irons for his son who had just joined his high school golf team. While being skeptical about buying clubs his son hadn't tried out yet, he trusted my expertise and opinion. Roughly a week later, I received a few messages from the customer. One of the messages was of the customer's son using the clubs. Not only was it a pure shot, the father-son duo were in awe of the shot the son hit in the video. The father loved the pure sound that came off the club face during the shot, while the son did a pose and club twirl post-shot because of the shot's success. Because of this set, the father-son duo are having even more fun out there on the course.
Answered by:
Matthew S
Golf Expert

Is Callaway still making Mavrik irons?

Callaway Golf is no longer producing the Mavrik irons. They were released in 2020 and were replaced by the Callaway Rogue ST irons in 2022. This is standard for Callaway. They replace clubs after they have been produced for 2 years. Mavrik irons can still be purchased online and in stores where there are sets in stock.
Answered by:
Peter Weisel
Golf Expert

What handicap are Mavrik irons for?

Mavrik irons are best for mid-high handicap players and any player looking for maximum forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. For those looking to be able to do more "shaping" of their shots and those looking to get more feedback from the club on off-center hits...the Mavrik Pro is the best option. But for all other weekend golfers and those just looking for a really fun set of irons to play that will fly long and not penalize mishits...the Mavriks are a great option.
Answered by:
Michael Schmitz
Golf Expert
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Instead of just asking for measurements and experience Bobby was more thorough and asked how dedicated i am, what kind of playing i do and things that most overlook. Took the time to send a video explaining the clubs he recommended for me and gave me two great options based on the information. i was having a hard time finding clubs on my own and if not for Bobby specifically i probably would have gave up and kept renting low quality clubs. Definitely a great experience and i’m excited to really start honing my golfing skills. Thanks Bobby.
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Andrew was so kind and helpful!
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I am brand new at golf. The most experience I have revolves around playing at TopGolf. I decided I wanted to take on golfing as a more serious hobby, but I had no idea how to start. Andrew answered my questions and took his time explaining my options to me. Greatly appreciated!
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Greatest Experience!
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Ted was in a hurry to be methodical! Didn't attempt to push a particular model, brand or style. Wasn't interested in rushing my decision, and was unbelievably patient with my thoughts, questions, concerns and curiosities. He took his time to incorporate my inconsistencies and issues with my game to recommend types, lofts, angles, fact types, etc so that I had a cart with only pertinent and relevant items in it. Then to top it off, found every discount and reduction available to ensure I had the lowest cost per item and overall, for my cart. What more could anyone hope for??!! Cannot recommend Ted highly enough and I hope anyone reading this gets to work with him on their purchases! Thank you for the time, energy, effort and patience Ted!
Will Verified CustomerSep 19, 2023
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Ryan was fantastic!
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Ryan was very supportive and helpful! He allowed me to get comfortable with my choice and take the time to make sure I was financially ready. I don’t really like big purchases so his willingness to work with my timetable was awesome. I greatly appreciate his support and assistance!
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