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CAPiTA Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard · 2023 · 159 cm

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I've had this board for a couple weeks now and have taken it out probably 15-20 times so far.

It's incredibly stable at speed, and the base is very fast and durable. I mean DURABLE. I've taken it over trees, rocks and cliffs and the base still looks really good. Somehow no core shots as of yet.

The two aspects of this board that really stand out are how aggressively the death grip bites when you're really leaning it over hard when carving, and the stability that you get when landing off medium to large features. The extra stiffness really lends itself to jumping high and riding fast. The full camber gives you a ton of power and pop off of lips. This board will very easily send you if you load up the camber.

Ideal for
  • Extremely fast base
  • Very good edge control and torsional rigidity.
  • Hard charging and aggressively carving.
Not ideal for
  • The top sheet really dislikes scuffs in the liftline

The Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard is CAPiTA's all mountain/freeride charger. With camber between the feet, it holds and edge and powers through turns. The reverse camber just past the bindings makes for quicker turns in trees and the Wah-Pow flat kick at the nose and tail make for excellent float in powder. The medium-stiff flex profile will ensure a great ride on any terrain.

Key Features:

  • Directional Flex Pattern – A softer nose and a stiffer tail give the rider more power at speed and more float in the powder.
  • Alpine V1 Camber Profile – This is designed for powerful all-mountain riding in all conditions. The mid-body camber provides pop while engaging turns and landing jumps. The flat tail camber helps sink the tail in powder and adds stability at speed, while the reverse camber in the nose makes for enhanced powder float and easy turn initiation.
  • Death Grip Side Cut – A blended side cut profile, with a reverse side cut at specific points on the edge, helps the edge grip the snow deeper on icier conditions.
  • Hyperdrive Base – A proprietary high density, sintered base for durability and speed.
  • Enhanced Fiberglass – Holysheet Tri/Tri Fiberglass + Tri-axial weave fiberglass enhances energy transfer to the edges. Three angles of woven fiberglass offer stiffer edge-to-edge energy transfer for quicker turning and edge control.
  • Eco-friendly Resin – CAPiTA uses their proprietary Magic Bean Resin, an eco-friendly plant-based resin, to make this board lightweight, powerful and friendlier to the planet.
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