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Sage Dart Fly Rod

Sage Dart Fly Rod

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Product details

The Sage Dart Fly Rod is designed as an ultralight fly set up for small water fishing. The fast action blank is designed to deliver tight loops in close quarters. The tip allows for delicate presentations. Ultralight trout anglers would use this. Key Features:

  • Konnetic HD Blank Technology – The Konnectic HD blank manufacturing process results in a strong rod that is lightweight, helping to make casting effortless.
  • Protective Tube – This rod comes with a protective aluminum storage tube.
  • Snub Nose Half Wells Grip – This grip style allows for easy casting of smaller rods. Use Cases: 0wt 7ft6in (DART 076-3) is the ultimate in ultralight rods. 1wt 7ft6in (DART 176-3) is great for extremely light fly presentations. 2wt 7ft6in (DART 276-3) is a more versatile ultralight rod. 3wt 6ft6in (DART 366-3) is ideal for overgrown, tight streams. 3wt 7ft6in (DART 376-3) is good for small to medium sized streams. 4wt 7ft6in (DART 476-3) is good for small waters with overhanging foliage.
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Sage Dart Fly Rod
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Top reviews
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Elijah Saint Blancard
Elijah Saint Blancard
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Good rod for mountain streams. Accurate, good action when you have room for a back cast.

Joe Price
Joe Price
Verified fly fishing expert
Reviewed Jul 13, 2022

Great delivery of small flies on small water and sensitivity for ultra light fights.