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Dobyns Fury Series Baitcasting Rod

Dobyns Fury Series Baitcasting Rod

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The Curated Take

I found this rod is great for Texas rigs and jigging due to its sensitivity. Its also very useful for baitfish since its super lightweight and fragile. That super sensitive tip makes it great for feeling every little bite you may get meaning your less likely to miss a strike. For everything that your getting with the rod at this price I'd definitely recommend this to people just getting into fishing/ beginners. One time I was fishing lake Chickamauga with a couple of buddies and was using a dropshot finesse set up, it was 30 degrees out and since the water was so deep I really had to pay attention to my rod so I didn't miss any bites, the sensitivity this rod gave me ultimately led to me catching my PB small mouth bass.

Conventional Fishing Expert Matthew W.Conventional Fishing Expert Danny Palmquist
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Overall ratings
(4.0/5) 3 Expert reviews
  • When I use this rod for jigging I could feel everything, so when those vital but subtle hits came I didn't miss a bite.
  • its very light weight and comfortable carrying around.
  • its farily cheap but for its price its really good.
  • since its so sensitive the tip can be very fragile
Conventional Fishing Expert Matthew W.Conventional Fishing Expert Danny Palmquist
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

For anglers of all skill levels, Dobyn's Rods Fury series features a wide variety of technique-specific powers and actions that will enable them to land more fish. The Fury series is a quality line of spinning and casting rods. They pair well with most spinning and casting reels and are adaptable to many anglers' individual preferences and needs. These affordable rods are a great option for all anglers looking to expand their lineup. Key Features:

  • High Modulus Graphite Blank – The graphite rod blanks feature a high volume of carbon fiber, making them lightweight and sensitive enough to feel light bites.
  • Kevlar Wrapping – Wrapped with a Kevlar material, these rods are durable and won't twist under a heavy load.
  • High-Grade Cork Grips – The cork grips are dense, making them durable and give anglers a good grip, even in wet conditions.
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Matthew W.
Matthew W.
Conventional Fishing Expert
2,704 customers helped
Matthew W. owns this product

The budget friendly Dobyns Fury Rod Series is a lure specific lineup designed by Gary Dobyns for those looking for the ultimate performance rod that doesn't break the bank. Powerful, light, and sensitive, these rods feature high modulus graphite rod blanks, Fuji reel seats, Kevlar coating, AA-grade cork grips with EVA butts, and Sea-Guide premium performance guides. Perfect for bass anglers on a budget, the Fury Series has a rod for every bass lure presentation.

  • -Bass anglers looking for a high-performance budget friendly rod
  • -Premium rods for freshwater bass anglers with a lifetime warranty
  • -Smooth, long, and precise casting for all bass lure presentations
  • -Not intended for big game species of saltwater use
Danny Palmquist
Danny Palmquist
Conventional Fishing Expert
463 customers helped
Danny Palmquist tested this product

Dobyn's Fury line is perfect for anglers of all skill levels who are looking to optimize their setups and land more fish. The series pairs well with any reel designed for targeting bass. The tapers are what make Dobyn's stand out because they are very user friendly, making solid hook ups easy to come by.

  • Performance: Effortless hooksets, easy casting, comfortable grip.
  • Versatility: Multiple models for multiple techniques and species.
  • Quality: Well designed tapers, comfortable cork grips, sturdy graphite blanks.
  • Weight: Somewhat cumbersome, causes fatigue after extended use
  • Fragile guides: Inserts can pop out and need to be repaired
For buzzbaits and chatterbaits, I use my Dobyn's Fury 734c paired with a Lew's American Hero casting reel in a 7:1:1 gear ratio. The lure is a ChatterBait Jackhammer in Golden Shiner from Z-Man.
This is my flipping setup. I use a Dobyn's 735c paired with a Lew's Tournament MP in a 7:5:1 gear ratio. The spinnerbait is a Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinnerbait.
After 1 year of heavy use, the insert in the tip guide came out. It was easy and inexpensive to have to fixed.
Dobyns Fury Series Baitcasting Rod
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